2020 RTD Board Of Directors, District F: Bob Broom On The Issues

District F covers the far reaches of eastern Aurora. Incumbent Bob Broom is running unopposed.

What's your elevator pitch for why voters should choose you?

Broom - I have been active in local government for over 50 years. First as a City Finance Director and City Manager for 21 Years. Then as a Financial Advisor/Bond Underwriter for 25 years in Colorado and finally as a City Councilman in Aurora and RTD Board member for the past 15+ years. I have also served on Regional Boards devoted to clean air and clean water. Public transportation not only moves people but helps reduce air pollution and fosters economic development ie: jobs and tax base.

How would you define success for RTD?

Broom - To efficiently operate the large rail system that has been built in recent years and maintain bus and handicap services that has developed over the past 50 years.

What should RTD prioritize as it tries to rebuild from the coronavirus pandemic?

Broom - Maintain infrastructure and right-size the entire organization to provide as much service on an equitable basis to the entire District with a clear plan of what to add back as funds become available.

What is your personal experience and expertise in transit?

Broom - I now have almost 4 years of experience on the Board. Prior to that, I served on the DRCOG Board and the RTC (Regional Transportation Commission) where Federal Funds were allocated to support Fastracks and other transit projects. We also exercised oversight over Fastracks (Routes and Equipment ie: diesel/electric and light Rail or Commuter Rail) and received financial reports and projects each year for RTD. It was while serving on DRCOG that I questioned whether RTD could afford to operate all of the Capital projects in the plan. When fares only cover 20% of operating costs, the more service you provide the bigger the subsidies you must find to balance the budget.

How much should RTD weigh potential climate impacts in its decision-making?

Broom - We are in survival mode right now. It's our job to conserve scarce resources and get people around the District. A by-product of this is to reduce emissions. We need to design and maintain our support buildings to conserve energy.

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