2020 RTD Board Of Directors, District M: Marjorie Sloan On The Issues

District M covers western suburbs like Lakewood and Golden. Former Golden Mayor Marjorie Sloan is running unopposed.

What's your elevator pitch for why voters should choose you?

Sloan - In this whirlwind time, RTD is faced with tough, make-or-break decisions. RTD must step back and build back – its service, its scheduling, its reputation, and its financial position. As a former elected mayor of Golden and Chair of the Denver Metro Mayors Caucus, I have studied, negotiated, and resolved transportation issues in the metro area. I commit to rolling up my sleeves and working alongside employees, board members, staff, and metro partners to re-create the transit system that District M and the entire metropolitan area deserves.

How would you define success for RTD?

Sloan - Passengers board buses and trains to get to the important places in their lives. Taking transit should not be a job in itself. Riders deserve vehicles that show up; get them to their destinations in a reasonable amount of time; and offer comfortable, convenient trips for an equitable fare.

What should RTD prioritize as it tries to rebuild from the coronavirus pandemic?

Sloan - In the short term, RTD should focus on serving riders who are reliant on public transit to meet their daily needs. Gradual rebuilding will take place as needed by the reviving economy: re-population of office space, a resurgence in public events, and renewed business demand.

What is your personal experience and expertise in transit?

Sloan - As a mayor, I resolved long-standing transportation challenges in Golden and the northwest metro quadrant through consultation with experts and discussion with colleagues -- resulting in a consensus. As an individual, I am committed to transit as a metro-wide lifeline for residents and businesses, as well as a key to reducing emissions and congestion. From experience, I also recognize a lesser-known advantage of transit: the gift of time for personal pursuits and relief from the stress of driving.

How much should RTD weigh potential climate impacts in its decision-making?

Sloan - Climate disruption is becoming more and more evident, exemplified this year by extreme temperatures, wildfires, drought, and more. In its every decision, RTD should consider potential climate impacts in accordance with the triple-bottom-line theory.

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