Colorado Senate Race 2020: Sen. Cory Gardner, John Hickenlooper, ‘Seku’ Evans And Raymon Doane On The Issues

The incumbent, Sen. Cory Gardner, has been considered to be on the hot seat and one of the most vulnerable Republican senators up for re-election in 2020. He faces several challengers, first among them is former Gov. John Hickenlooper, the Democratic candidate. Raymon Anthony Doane is the Libertarian candidate, Stephan "Seku" Evans represents the Unity Party and Daniel Doyle for the Approval Voting Party.

The candidates appear here in the order they are set on the ballot.

The Approval Voting Party candidate, Daniel Doyle, is not included in the guide as the Approval Party is a single issue party representing proportional approval voting.

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Candidate Elevator Pitch

John Hickenlooper

The candidate has not returned a questionnaire

Sen. Cory Gardner

The candidate has not returned a questionnaire

Stephan "Seku" Evans

The candidate has not returned a questionnaire

Raymon Anthony Doane

"I'm here to ensure that voters are aware of all their options. That we don't have to succumb to voting for the lesser of two evils. If we truly wish to see the hope and change we desire we must begin to look in new directions and practice what we preach."

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Candidate Comparisons

Where do the candidates stand on the issues? We've lined up a comparison of the candidates below compiled through a combination of CPR reporting, candidate questionnaires, interviews, news stories, campaign websites, candidate social media as well as congressional records and releases. For more in-depth information, click on either "Yes," "No," or "It's Complicated."

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Freelance reporter Lexi Reich, a recent graduate of the University of Colorado Boulder, contributed to the reporting in this candidate guide.

Editor's Note: An earlier version of this guide had the incorrect link for Sen. Cory Gardner's campaign website and inadvertently linked to his opponent's site. We regret the error.