Tennis Picks Their Favorite Love Songs Of The Moment

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Mia Ricon/CPR

Alaina Moore of Tennis returns for her annual guest DJ set. She refers to her loosely themed Valentine's DJ set as, "songs for the brokenhearted, the jaded, the lovelorn, the lustful, the pining. The complicated spectrum of love in varying forms."

This year marks a decade since the husband-wife Colorado band released their debut album; and one year since their fifth album Swimmer dropped. Find the playlist below, and listen to the interview in the player above.

Aretha Franklin - "Day Dreaming"
Mourn - "This Feeling Is Disgusting"
The Pretenders - "Thin Line Between Love and Hate"
Alex Chilton - "Hey! Little Child"
Twain - "Little Dog Mind"
Tennis - "Superstar"
Bjork - "Venus As A Boy"
U.S. Girls - "4 American Dollars"
Love - "Always See Your Face"
Crumb - "Ghostride" 
Bill Callahan - "Sycamore"