Indie 102.3 Celebrates Juneteenth 2021

CPR/Mia Rincon

Last year, we lived through political and racial turmoil with the killings of Black people all across America at the hands of police brutality, peaceful protests to support victims and other stances took violent turns, and many accounts of Black people having the police called on them by white people for doing every day tasks and putting them in danger. It was a stressful 2020 for Black people in America, on top of a global pandemic. Since then, there has been reform, justice, and healing-the Black community has fought to remain resilient and hopeful. So, remembering and educating oneself of the significance of Juneteenth and its powerful history is a radical, unifying act in support of the Black community. In solidarity, Indie 102.3 wants to continue to uplift the Black community by sharing songs by Black artists that express joy, perseverance, and overcoming.

Join us on Juneteenth, June 19, for music from Black musicians. Featuring artists from here in America and all over the world like Arlo Parks, Thundercat, Local 303 artist Wellington Bullings, Chaka Khan and more! Stream the playlist on Spotify below and listen to Indie 102.3 for the Juneteenth special.