Reps. Crow, Lamborn Want A Space National Guard To Support Space Force

Staff Sgt. Dennis Hoffman/U.S. Air Force
Gen. John W. “Jay” Raymond, U.S. Space Command commander, recognized the establishment of the nation’s 11th combatant command in a joint ceremony at Peterson Air Force Base, Sept. 9 2019.

U.S. Reps. Jason Crow and Doug Lamborn have introduced legislation in Congress to establish a Space National Guard, an entity which would serve as a reserve component of the newly minted U.S. Space Force

It’s not as if there aren’t already space-focused personnel across the national guard branches that currently exist -- there are 2,000 such experts spread across 14 different guard units, with nearly half of those personnel already based in Colorado.

But just as the Pentagon had long argued for the need of a separate branch of the military dedicated entirely to using technologies orbiting above the atmosphere, the discussion of adding an independent space national guard has been going on for years. 

“Our state will play a key role in providing a proven, ready, combat reserve to Space Force. Expanding the Force to include this National Guard component will ensure mission readiness as we continue U.S. dominance in space," Crow said in a joint press release from the two congressmen. 

In fact, the military may end up relying on a Space National Guard in a more fundamental way than other reserve branches. Those with the expertise needed for tech-heavy space jobs are in high demand in the private sector, which can pay far more than what the military can offer. These highly qualified professionals may be more enticed to serve in a part-time guard role where they wouldn’t have to give up their lucrative day jobs.

Leaders of the Air Force and Space Force say they have completed a report detailing how a Space National Guard and Reserve would be organized. Crow and Lamborn also created a House Space Force Caucus last year to help advocate for the country’s newest military branch. Much of the Space Force’s current mission is operated out of bases in Colorado.