Our most anticipated albums of 2022 (1st half edition)

It's that time of the year again, and whether we're (checks watch) 23 months into a global pandemic or not, hope still springs eternal in the hearts of music fans. Yes, as music goes, there are few things as exciting as seeing the names of artists you know and love alongside album titles and release dates.

If there's one thing we can be sure of at this point, it's that nothing is really for sure – those future concert dates we're excited about, especially. While live music is still seeing its share of fits and starts, albeit with the promise of a more "normal" looking calendar in the months ahead, new music releases are full steam ahead. As certified music nuts, you and us, it's hard to imagine where we'd even be if we couldn't declare, "The 2022s are rolling out!"

So what's got your teeth rattling with anticipation? Here's us, and these are the new releases we're most looking forward to in the first half of the year ahead (plus some early sounds from them).

Alisha Sweeney, Host/Local Music Director

Jason Thomas, Host/Music Director

Katie Bradley, Host

Bruce Trujillo, Host/Especial

Zach Gilltrap, Producer/Host

Jessi Whitten, Host

Jeremy Petersen, Host/Inside Track editor

Willobee Carlan, Program Director