WATCH: President Joe Biden to deliver 2022 State of the Union address

President Joe Biden is delivering his first State of the Union address at a precipitous moment for the nation.

In excerpts of the speech released in advance, Biden aims to lead the country out of the pandemic and reboot his stalled domestic agenda, as well as confront Russia’s aggression. Biden will declare that dictators, such as Russian President Vladimir Putin, must “pay a price” or dangers to the U.S. and the world will only grow.

The speech has taken on new significance in light of last week’s Russian invasion of Ukraine and nuclear threats made by Putin. It also comes as the White House works to battle soaring inflation, curb COVID-19 infections and confirm a new Supreme Court justice.

CPR News will carry live coverage of the 2022 State of the Union, as well as the Republican response and expert analysis from NPR, starting at 7 p.m. MST. Watch the video above, click 'Listen Live' on or find a station near you.