The Local 303: Colorado artists we’re featuring for August 2022

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This month you'll be hearing some of the newest and most exciting music being created across the state and we want to celebrate with you!

Come hang with us during the Local 303 Meetup on Monday August 29th from 6:30-9:00p at Larimer Lounge.

There will be a live performance and a chance for you to meet some of your favorite Colorado bands and radio hosts! Admission is free and open to 21+.

Are you a Colorado musician who wants to be featured in the Local 303? Send us your music.

Meet August's picks:

A Place For Owls

Photo: Ben Sooy

Hometown: Is anyone at home anywhere?

Formed: 2019 in Denver

Latest Release: "Do I Feel At Home Here?" (Single), Self-released, Jul. 19, 2022 and "Airport" (Single), Self-released, Apr. 8, 2022

Pronouns: We’re all He / Hims

About: Denver, Colorado’s A Place For Owls (APFO for short) is made up of five friends: Ben Sooy, Daniel Perez, Nick Webber, Jesse Cowan, and Ryan Day. APFO is a part of a growing community of musicians, artists, and songwriters in Denver; some of our close music friends are Adam Anglin, Jordan Lucas, Lonely Choir (and APFO member Nick Webber has a robust solo project, too). We released a short album in 2020 that was mostly acoustic, but our new songs are full band electric guitar songs. I can’t tell if we’re an indie-folk band playing dress up as an emo / shoegaze band, or vice versa, but whatever, we like to do acoustic ballads and we like to do big fuzzy guitar music.

Musicians That Inspire: We love sad dad / bummer rock stuff like The National, Gang of Youths, Great Grandpa, Pedro the Lion, Bartees Strange, Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker, Manchester Orchestra, Caracara, I Feel Fine, Lakes, Seer Believer, Camp Trash, along with classics like American Football, The Get Up Kids, The Anniversary, Jimmy Eat World, etc.

Plans For the Rest of 2022: We dropped a double single called "Airport / My Own" earlier this year and we’ll release a full length LP on August 30, 2022. We’re playing some very good shows with very good bands this fall, follow us online to find out when we’re playing live!


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Adiel Mitchell

Photo: Willie Peterson

Hometown: Oahu, HI (but I live in Denver, CO now)

Formed: 2012

Latest Release:  My debut studio album Pink Lemonade is out everywhere, on all streaming platforms, self-released, Jun. 17, 2022 

Pronouns: He/Him

About: Adiel Mitchell is a singer/songwriter, dancer, and model based in Denver, CO whose signature buoyant vibe carries him afloat across a sea of interpersonal, vulnerable, sorrow-flavored anti-pop/R&B. 303 Magazine is noted saying “Adiel Mitchell is proven to be not only an incredibly talented vocalist and musician, but also an authentic source of positivity whose influence radiates throughout the local music scene.” He's penned over 200 original songs and maintains his position comfortably amid radio-friendly hits and the broody melodies of rhythm & blues. Between writing and recording music, performing festivals, and landing multiple national commercial acting and modeling roles, once Mitchell has your attention, you can’t escape from his allure. He’s graced the stage on headlining shows alongside, Amber Mark, Tone Stith, Bishop Briggs, and The Suffers. Inspired by the dispositions of New Jack Swing, old school R&B and the illumination of modern day anti-pop, Adiel refreshes the lush moods of contemporary Electro R&B and thickens the groove with distinctly soulful vocals. 

With transparency woven into the warmth of the emotions on his sleeves, Mitchell speaks his mind for the sake of maintaining his truth and connecting to a deeper piece of himself. “Self-awareness leads to amazing discoveries that solve complex problems,” he said. He layers these contemplative ideas on his debut album, Pink Lemonade with nostalgic pop synths and velvety pop/r&b melodies, giving listeners something sweet to groove with while simultaneously providing something meaningful to think about. 

Musicians That Inspire: Right now I’ve been in a whoooole new vibe. I’ve been jamming to Xavier Omar, Brent Faiyaz, Lucky Daye, THEY, Giveon, and Pink Sweat$. I feel like they’ve consistently stayed on repeat for me lately. Oh and when I need that immediate elevation inspo, I’m popping on some Kendrick Lamar, Drake, and definitely Jaden Smith. That new Kendrick and Drake’s new album has been my daily soundtrack since they dropped. Yooooo but honestly if I had to sum up two of my favorite artists right now it’s: DPR Ian and DPR Live. Those guys are INCREDIBLE. Musically & Visually. Their whole crew is on point. Definitely my inspiration right now! 

Plans for the rest of 2022: I’ve got a ton of really cool opportunities in the works that I can’t wait to share out. Right now, I’ve been soaking up all of the amazing love and support since my debut album Pink Lemonade dropped. I’m crafting an all new live show for my stage performances for an upcoming tour and I’m back in the studio fine tuning the next wave of music you’ll hear from me and let’s just say, we are going dumb crazy on these next projects! Stay tuned for more!


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Edwina Maben

Photo: Sean Gray

Hometown: Horsham, Pennsylvania now based in Denver

Formed: 2013

Latest Release: "Go Tell Yesterday" (Single), self-release, Mar. 25, 2022 

Pronouns: she/her/hers

About: After Grammy-winning producer RedOne selected her as a top 5 finalist (of 9,000+ songwriters) in Guitar Center’s 2017 national songwriting contest, Edwina has consistently created and found new opportunities for herself through her passion for music and art. 

Edwina graduated in May 2021 from the University of Colorado Denver with a degree in recording arts and computer science. While in college, Edwina started working in Youth on Record's FEMpowered program, a music community that empowers young, creative women in the primarily male dominated music industry. Edwina also serves as a board member for Music Minds Matter, a non-profit that creates space for conversations on mental health for members of the Denver music scene. She started working for Warner Music group in June 2022.

Edwina has shared her own talents in various notable spaces including The Troubadour (LA),  Colorado & Company (9NEWS),  The Kennedy Center’s “Arts Across America” Series, opened for DeVotchKa, and most recently performed on the TEDxMileHigh stage in October 2021.

Edwina continues to seek opportunities that are creatively challenging, socially aware, and are authentic to the vision she has for her future. 

Musicians That Inspire: Joni Mitchell, Elton John, Paramore, Lin-Manuel Miranda

Plans for the rest of 2022: Release an acoustic version and visual (music video) for Go Tell Yesterday!


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Hello, Mountain

Photo: Andy Borgione

Hometown: Denver, CO

Formed: 2015

Latest Release: Swim, Self-release, 2021 and Everything In Between, Self-release, 2022

Pronouns: He/Him for all three members

About: Hello, Mountain is a Denver, Colorado-based indie-rock trio consisting of Stephen Pamas (vocals, guitar, keys, production), Jack Falk (bass, keys), Patrick Smith (drums, synth, backing vocals). With a wide range of influences, the band has crafted a unique sound centered around singer-songwriter Pamas.

Their full length album, Swim (2021), marks a departure from the traditional rock instrumentation of Hello Mountain's previous three releases. After years of recording in studios, the band took extra time to experiment for this album. The result is a batch of layered, textured songs that sound altogether more far-reaching. 

Shortly after the release of their breakthrough full length album, the single “Everything in Between” was put into the ethosphere.

Much like Swim, “Everything in Between” was self-recorded and produced by the band with additional production and audio engineering by Pamas. The song was written near the end of the Swim sessions, but Pamas says it felt like it stood better on its own. 

Swim was more about self-healing,” he says. ‘Everything in Between’ is truly a love song. “If Swim were a movie, I picture ‘Everything in Between’ being the song that plays after the credits start rolling.”

Since forming in 2015, the group has played at dive bars, house shows, shared the stage with touring acts like Naked Giants, Vundabar, No Vacation, Ratboys, Okie Dokie and has had several sold out headlining shows on the front range. 

Musicians That Inspire: Manchester Orchestra, Dijon, Pheobe Bridgers, Pinegrove, Frank Ocean, Sylvan Esso

Plans For the Rest of 2022: We are currently in the middle of writing a new record. The band plans to finish writing and start the self recording process by the year's end. The people can expect another single by the end of the year ahead of our headlining show at Skylark Lounge November 19th!


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Isadora Eden

Photo: Jason Myers

Hometown: Denver, CO

Formed: 2016

Latest Release: Covers EP, self-release, 2022

Pronouns: she/her

About: Isadora Eden(she/her) is a musician originally from MA, currently living in Denver. Named one of 19 Denver musicians to watch in 2021 by 303 Magazine, her music is a mix of indie rock, shoegaze and folk (aka fuzz folk). “It’s as if Phoebe Bridgers was fronting Slowdive or Cocteau Twins, giving [the music] an escapist, beguiling sound” – Analogue Trash.

Musicians That Inspire: Frightened Rabbit, Samia, Slow Pulp, The War On Drugs, Hovvdy, Skullcrusher, The National, Soccer Mommy

Plans for the rest of 2022: Gearing up for our first LP, which will release in Spring of 2023! Also a few collaborations in the works :)


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Joshua Day

Photo: Destino Mondragon

Hometown: Born in Aurora, CO but moved to Iowa City, IA at the age of 2.

Formed: Joshua Day started writing songs back in 2016. Joshua released their debut record ‘Perfect Blue’ back in 2020.

Latest Release: Singles "Nauseous (feat. Tyler Ashton)" and Ian Allen's "Candy Shop (feat. Joshua Day)"

Pronouns: He/She/They

Joshua Day is a queer artist originally from Aurora, CO but grew up in Iowa City, IA. After graduating a year early from high school, Joshua enrolled into the music business program at CU Denver. This is where Joshua started truly working on his craft. Joshua released their debut album Perfect Blue back in February of 2020. With the singles “I just wanna be happy” & “Mercy”, Joshua showed how they were truly feeling on the inside. The album came from a place of wanting to be heard, a desperate cry for help. Perfect Blue was very much a D.I.Y. project for Joshua and was a way for him to dip his toes into the waters of the music industry.

Fast forward to present day, “Nauseous(feat. Tyler Ashton)” was released on June 3rd, 2022 under Wide Eyed Entertainment. “Nauseous” is the first single from Joshua’s sophomore album set for release at the end if 2022. Alongside the release of “Nauseous”, Joshua is featured on Ian Allen’s debut album with they’re song “Candy Shop”. Joshua wants the world to see him for who he is, a proud queer person who’s here to write their own story and inspire others. It’s not about the money or the fame for Joshua, he’s here to show his true self through his music.

Musicians That Inspire: MARINA (Marina & the Diamonds), Lady Gaga, Sza

Plans for the rest of 2022: Joshua is set to release their sophomore album by the end of 2022. With a couple more singles coming before the album.
Joshua will be opening for Clément Leroux August 4th at Your Moms House as well as many more shows to be announced!


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Knuckle Pups

Photo: Steve Hayton

Hometown: Denver, CO

Formed: 2017

Latest Release: TV Ready, Self-Release, Jul. 15, 2022

Pronouns: Oliver Holloway, Chelo “Tico” Aguirre, Tomas Campos - He Him Olivia Hendrick, Coco Martin - She Her

About: Denver five-pack, Knuckle Pups brings honest spirit to melodious and gritty indie-rock songs. One part old Modest Mouse lyricism, One part layered vocal harmonies, Knuckle Pups songs are bright and vulnerable. Listening to Knuckle Pups feels like evoking the ghost of adolescence: Carefree and curious. The catchy synth tones and dreamy 80s guitar leads set against driving drum beats round out a bold sound that could be described as, “a potluck for your ears.”  

Through their sound, imagery and performance, Knuckle Pups strive to embody “chaotic good” energy, embracing the absurdity of being alive and the joy found in friendship and community.

Denver band, Knuckle Pup’s debut album, “TV Ready” captures Knuckle Pup’s playful  approach to indie rock songs as it oscillates between energetic, raw punk rock hooks and vibrant, synth-heavy melodies. “TV Ready” will take you on the road trip you never knew you needed, seamlessly blending the group’s varied musical talents into an album that feels like a summer adventure. 

Principle songwriter and baritone guitarist, Oliver Holloway crafts compelling narratives that are reminiscent of a tarot card reading in their allegorical contradictions, while Olivia Hendrick and Coco Martin bring lush harmonies to an already rich landscape of sound. 

The album has been slowly simmering for the past few years as the group has  evolved. In 2017, Tomas Campos, drummer, and Oliver got Knuckle Pups off the ground. It grew to include old classmate Olivia on synth, and soon after Chelo Aguirre joined, bringing dreamy lead guitar riffs. In 2020, Coco rounded out the group’s sound with groovy bass lines. They couldn’t be more excited to premiere the music they’ve been working on together the last two years. The band hopes in all things they create, this album included, to personify their love of spontaneity, wholesome lawlessness, and community.

Musicians That Inspire: Oliver was deeply inspired by the DIY Folk punk scene centering around the label based out of Bloomington IN, including bands like Defiance Ohio, and Nana Grizol, as well as his high school obsession with early Modest Mouse and everlasting love for The Mountain Goats. Currently he is into bands that are punk at heart but play melodic indie music like Slaughter Beach, Dog, LVL Up, Swearin’ and Rat Boys. Tomas draws inspiration from the indie rock legends Built To Spill. Chelo cites music inspiration from Broncho and The Cure; Olivia says Blink-182 and Paul Simon; and Coco says Guerilla Toss and Runnner.

Plans for the rest of 2022: Play more shows, start recording a new album, and apply for 2023 music festivals like SXSW and Treefort.


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Lucky Spell

Photo: Charlie Weinmann

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA -> Denver, CO -> Chicago, IL

Formed: 2021

Latest Release: "Castle" (Single), Spacecamp INC, July 6 2022

Pronouns: Kyle Emerson (He/Him) and Alex Katsaropoulos (He/Him)

About: Alex and I met in January of 2021 and quickly began tracking what I expected to be the next Kyle Emerson solo release. Shortly after those sessions, I went through some major life changes that led to a big shift in my approach to the music I’d been making the past couple of years. Alex seemed to be on a similar trip and we decided to book a session in early September at Motion Way Studios in LA. Our first single, "King Lonely Boy," was born from that session and we realized pretty quickly that there was something exciting present. 

We record everything ourselves at home in my studio in Los Angeles with our friend Adam Halferty playing drums and Matt Schuessler mixing. Our most recent single, Castle, is out now AND our next single, Take It Back, will be out in September. Lucky Spell is meant to be played while driving with the windows down, along the coast during a sunset across the ocean, where everything feels just right for a moment.

Musicians That Inspire: The Durutti Column, George Harrison, Television, Warren Zevon, Patti Smith, Japanese Breakfast, John Martyn, Orange Juice, Nina Simone, Buena Vista Social Club, the Grateful Dead, Roger Miller, Cocteau Twins, Volta Jazz, Stevie Nicks, The Radio Dept.

Plans for the rest of 2022: We have a couple more singles coming out this year, as well as a few videos.

In August, we are going on a west coast tour supporting Denver-based band Kiltro.

August Tour Dates:
12th - BOISE (The Olympic)*
13th - PORTLAND (Jack London Revue)*
16th - SACRAMENTO (Goldfield Trading Post)*
17th - LOS ANGELES (The Airliner)*
18th - SAN DIEGO (Soda Bar)*
20th - OAKLAND (Starline Social Club)*
23rd - SALT LAKE CITY (International)
25th - DENVER (Skylark)
26th - DENVER (Meow Wolf)*
27th - MANITOU SPRINGS (Lulu’s)*

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Munly & The Lupercalians

Photo: Gary Isaacs

Hometown: Really? It says it in the name: Lupercalia.

Formed: Naturally. My parents were Catholic and did not believe in birth control.

Latest Release: Kinnery Of Lupercalia: Undelivered Legion

Pronouns: Thee and Sir.

About: Continuing the story begun with Petr & The Wulf, Munly & The Lupercalians unveil The Kinnery Of Lupercalia: Undelivered Legion. The first of three albums from all three bands in the SCACUNINCORPORATED family. The world of Lupercalia consists of hundreds of characters and interwoven stories that is given life through music, print, and art.

When played live the Lupercalians are robed as various characters within the stories while Munly J Munly represents himself—who is also a character in Lupercalia. Two drummers with home built kits, two computer/keyboardists, and Munly playing autoharp, banjo, dulcimer, vocals…come together and seem to create a new genre of music; based in The Denver Sound, though venturing into an experiment of story songs with pounding drums with lush textures and melodies.

The next two Lupercalian albums—one by Slim Cessna’s Auto Club and the other by DBUK—will be coming in the following year. Munly’s first Lupercalian book is available with the new album Kinnery Of Lupercalia: Undelivered Legion. The second book from Lupercalia: Döder Made Me Do It, will be available this coming winter, shortly thereafter will be a novelization of Peter & The Wulf as well as a reissue of Ten Songs With Mo Music.

Musicians That Inspire: I still do not understand why a person would need to be inspired by another musician. I will do this until I die or until I no longer want to…which will most likely coincide.

Plans for the rest of 2022: DBUK will drive NorthWest and play a metal festival. Then we will come home. Then SCAC will play a show. Then we will come home. Then SCAC and The Lupercalians will drive East and play Muddy Roots festival. Following the previous pattern, I am going to assume we will then come home. Then a new book will be released: Döder Made Me Do It. Then Lupercalians play at The Bluebird Theatre on 9/09/22 as record release show. Then we will visit the shop next door. Then we will fly to Europe and play much much much shows….then we will come home—yes, it is true. Then DBUK, SCAC, and The Lupercalians will play our traditional SCACUNINCORPORATED New Year Shows and we might just come home.

Website: You mean my favorite? They are very thorough on all aspects.

Get Social: Oh my, still not my world. I believe we have a general website for all the bands. And Rebecca just said we have facebooker
and instagram.

The Patient Zeros

Photo: Penelope Forbes

Hometown: Denver, CO

Formed: 2012

Latest Release: Slow Motion Sickness (2022)

Pronouns: he/him (all three of us)

About: CJ Kjolhede and Joe Schramm have known eachother since elementary school in mid michigan, but they didn't start playing music together until CJ moved out to Denver into Joe's home in 2012. After two albums and an EP, they were joined by Michael Lauerman in the fall of 2016. The group quickly recorded the Born Again ep, and commenced work on the band's latest release, Slow Motion Sickness. Amidst the band's touring schedules, dozens of local shows, and a global pandemic, it took over four years to finish the record, but the band is immensely proud of the final product. SMS is rowdy for a heartbreak record, seeking redemption that never fully arrives on every track.

Musicians That Inspire: Sufjan Stevens, Beastie Boys, Kurt Vile, Arctic Monkeys, Jack White, Radiohead, The Districts

Plans for the rest of 2022: We are playing the DARKARTS release show Saturday August 20th at Globe Hall, and playing Down in Denver festival at Larimer Lounge the following day. However, we are most excited about Saturday, September 17 when we get to open for JD McPherson at Levitt Pavilion.

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People Like Me

Photo: Callie Ann

Hometown: Denver, CO

Formed: February 2020

Latest Release: “Stay Together for the Dog” (Single), Self-Release, 2022

Pronouns: she/hers and him/his

About: People Like Me is a musical reaction to the existential chaos of a quarter-life crisis. We take an upbeat approach to life’s hard lessons with our buoyant power pop/rock sound. Our music is a journal of progress and insight into what it’s like to navigate adulthood during strange and difficult times. Just as our own favorite music has helped us navigate life’s challenges, we hope that people who like us can walk away from each song feeling optimistic that they will overcome their current struggles, too. Above all, we want our listeners to know that they are not alone in their suffering. Music connects all of us together and reminds us that we are part of something bigger than ourselves. 

Musicians That Inspire: We draw upon a variety of musical influences, such as the lyrical self-deprecation of alternative rock bands like Weezer and Pup, the turbo-charged power-pop riffs of Beach Bunny and Modest Mouse, and the raw emotional honesty of Grouplove and Neon Trees.

Plans For The Rest Of 2022: We recently teamed up with John Spiker from Tenacious D to produce and mix our next single “Lifesaver,” which we will release this Fall. We can’t wait for you to hear it!

Come see us at Moe’s BBQ on September 2. The show is sponsored by our dear friends at Coastless Creatives who have been working hard to put on amazing local shows all around Denver. 


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Super Bummer

Photo: Holly Hursley

Hometown: Albuquerque, NM now Denver, CO

Formed: 2015? Some combination of us has been playing together since probably 2003, but Super Bummer didn't begin until about 7 years ago. 

Latest Release: The Futuresick EP (2022)

Pronouns: He/Him, They/Them

About: We all grew up in Albuquerque together, then separately made our way to Colorado around 2015. We've been friends for so long that Super Bummer is now more like an extension of our friendship and a way to continue spending time together as life gets more complicated. Keenan is the primary songwriter, Justin (who is also a member of Down Time) is the creative wizard behind a lot of our production and design and art. Tommy and Nic have a great time together as the rhythm section. COVID put a damper on the band's activity, and The Futuresick EP is mostly a collection of demos that Keenan recorded during lockdown. The tracks are about technology, being lonely, general anxiety ... you know, classic COVID concerns!

Musicians That Inspire: Modest Mouse, Bright Eyes, Built to Spill, Neva Dinova, 2000s Anticon, the Shins, and all the other mid-aughts indie rock that we grew up on.

Plans For The Rest Of 2022: We have a full album that we are finishing up. All the tracking and mixing is (mostly) done, so we're in the final stages of it. Right now the plan is to wrap it up this year and release it early 2023.

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