Arapahoe County hands down a 54-count indictment against six people involved in a series of thefts, stolen identities

Six friends and family members in Arapahoe County are accused of stealing 11 cars from dealerships using fake identifications, holding up a handful of convenience stores and attempting to murder two people over the course of a year.

Arapahoe County prosecutors on Wednesday announced a 54-count indictment against the six defendants returned from the county’s grand jury. It accuses the people of using stolen identities to obtain mostly high-end cars, Audis, Mercedes and BMWs, from dealerships and then using those cars to rob a handful of convenience stores, mostly in Aurora.

“What this grand jury indictment highlights is the interconnectedness of crime,” said Arapahoe County District Attorney John Kellner. “It’s not just property crime. It’s not just stolen identities. These things are brought together by criminal enterprises to do much worse.”

Officials were tipped off to the crime ring in August 2021 when officers responded to a car accident involving a Mercedes Benz off of South Buckley and East Quincy Avenue in Aurora. Two men ran from the accident, and officers found a rifle inside the car, along with stolen mail that belonged to multiple victims of  identity theft. 

They also discovered the Benz had a counterfeit tag and was registered to a victim of identity theft.

“When we first started the case, these people had no idea their identity had been stolen,” said Darcy Kofol, the chief of the organized crime unit at the Arapahoe County District Attorney’s Office. “This group went to lengths to actually change a mailing address to one of these individuals so that the individuals stopped getting their mail. You can imagine what havoc that wreaked on that individual’s life. They weren’t even getting their mail … The complex fraud was something I’d never seen.”

The defendants named on Wednesday are Kaile Stevens, Keandre Stevens, Omari Davis, Tavarious Robinson, Jadeen Hollumn and Emmazetta Chargingcrow. All are in custody, except Chargingcrow, who is out on bond.