Listen: It’s almost Election Day in Denver. Learn more about mayoral candidates Kelly Brough and Mike Johnston

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Mayoral candidates Mike Johnston and Kelly Brough.

Next month, Denver voters will pick one of the most powerful political leaders in the state: The city’s next mayor. It’s a big job, managing more than 10,000 city employees on top of the state's largest police force and its largest airport. 

Election Day is on June 6. And the race has come down to one candidate who’s looking for a political comeback of sorts and another who’s making her first run for office.

Mike Johnston and Kelly Brough survived the first round of voting back in April. And for the last two months, they’ve been busy raising money, meeting voters and debating key issues all across the city. 

Johnston has the edge after he finished first in the general election by more than 7,600 votes. After his time as a state senator, he tried running for governor and then the U.S. Senate. He’s also a former school principal and foundation CEO.

Kelly Brough would be the first woman to serve as Denver’s mayor, if elected. She’s served as CEO of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce and spent time as John Hickenlooper’s chief of staff when he was Denver’s mayor . Brough won only 37 precincts across the city to Johnston’s 131. And he also has an advantage in contributions to a super PAC supporting him. 

Still, nothing is certain in politics. And the longer runoff (it’s now two months instead of one) adds a new wrinkle to the typical Denver election. Brough has also proven she can raise direct contributions at just as fast a rate as Johnston. The amount given to an independent super PAC supporting her has been enough to run negative attack ads against Johnston.

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