The Local 303: Colorado artists we’re featuring for September 2023

We're showcasing an all-Latin local lineup for September's Local 303 to kick off Latin Heritage Month. The monthlong celebration runs from Sept. 15 - Oct. 15 and was first established in the 1960s under President Lyndon Johnson as a week to recognize and honor the history of Latin culture. In 1988 it became recognized as a month-long event. Check out the lineup below to learn about all the artists we'll be playing!

Local artists making their debut includes dance music from Fuya Fuya who is originally from Ecuador and Colorado native Christianontheinternet. Blending R&B and hip-hop is LatinSoul as well as rapper-producer Adrian Covarrubias. For lo-fi indie pop there's rising songwriter Hannah Rodriguez and space rock from Denver's beloved shadow work.

Making his way back into the Local 303 is the hip-hop solo work by Jon Rubio from Los Mocochetes.

We also welcome back Lolita and Katiria this month and these two local artists will be a part of Levitt Pavilion's Divinae Feminae on September 29th with headliner Lido Pimienta.

Also bringing back hard rockers The Trujillo Company, punk from Soy Celeste, and cumbia from Ritmo Cascabel round out this month's dynamic lineup.

For more Latin music exploration beyond the Local 303, listen to our curated Spotify playlist that highlights a mix of rock, hip-hop, pop, and traditional styles from around the Americas.

Join us in person to for our monthly Local 303 Meetup that gives space to celebrate Colorado musicians and music fans from our community. The September Local 303 Meetup happens at Skylark Lounge upstairs in the new Bobcat Club, Monday September 25th from 6:30-9 p.m. Join us for a performance from Jon Rubio, vote on some new local songs in our music meeting, a Q&A about how to get your music on the radio and win concert tickets. This event is 21+ and free to get in. Skylark Lounge, 140 S Broadway in Denver.

When you come to the meetup, pick up a poster designed by Stuart Alden of Ink Lounge. He screen prints 50 posters for the meetup and you can get your hands on one!

Are you a Colorado musician who wants to be featured in the Local 303? Send us your music.

Meet September's picks:

Adrian Covarrubias

Photo: Adrian Covarrubias

Band Lineup: Adrian Covarrubias (he/him)- Rapper, Music Producer, Sound Engineer, Photographer, Videographer. 

Colorado Home: I currently live and teach in Denver, Colorado. I grew up and was born in Brighton, Colorado. 

Formed: I have been rapping since 2013. I started when I was 13 years old. It was always an emotional outlet/ hobby. I never thought it could lead to a career path and was constantly told it never could. I attended college for a year at Metropolitan State University Denver. I was attending to become an English teacher. I dropped out of college when I was 19 years old to focus on my artistic pursuits more. Covid hit and I quickly reached a personal rock bottom. In 2019-2020 I was working as a janitor at a Sewage Factory in Denver. After paying off a lump sum of my college debt I decided to quit my job and ran an under the table music studio with my former business partner and viral videographer, Johnny Jay Visuals. In 2021 I became a STEM Specialist for the Boys & Girls Club of America in Park Hill, Denver. I operated a youth technology and recording studio there in Holly Square. While I was working at BGCA I obtained my LLC for my multimedia business and opened my first recording studio in September, 2022 off of Colfax & Wadsworth, near Casa Bonita. Today I operate the same studio, teach as a substitute teacher for Denver Public Schools, and run an after school program for the City Of Denver. 

Latest Release: “Same Ish, Different Day” (Single), March 1st, 2023, Self Released 

About: My name is Adrian Covarrubias and I am a multimedia specialist & a youth educator. I am a professional videographer, photographer, rapper, music producer, sound engineer, DJ, events coordinator, & social media manager. I am a first generation, Chicano, educator and business owner native to Colorado. My mission is to provide positive media representation of my community and create opportunities for my community to have access to STEM, literature, & media. I wish to serve as a median that gives people of all backgrounds a platform in an industry that has historically had high barriers of entry & a lack of diversity.

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about: I am currently sponsoring and shooting music videos for various musicians who participated in my, “4R Concert” back in July. The 4R Concert (R&B, Rap, Rock, & Rave) was a multi genre concert I coordinated & headlined that had over 20 artists perform, and an attendance of nearly 200 people. I was very proud of this considering Taylor Swift was performing the same night in Denver. 

I spent a large amount of time in Southern Texas this past month of August. My multimedia company received a work opportunity from Capturing Kids Hearts, (Powered By The Flippen Group). The Flippen Group is one of the fastest-growing educator training, corporate talent, and team development companies in North America. We trained multiple school districts all across the border of Texas spanning from the Rio Grande Valley to El Paso, Texas. This was an amazing experience to be a part of, especially because many of my family is from and currently reside in southern Texas.  

I am currently seeking partners for a concert concept I have in mind. It’s in the grassroots stage currently, but I have a goal to throw a fundraising concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, aimed at benefiting homeless citizens in Colorado. Our hope is to collaborate with Denver Mayor, Mike Johnston, and the Denver Arts & Venues Department to address the urgent issue of homelessness in our city. I have applied for a grant from the Bonfils Stanton Foundation to support this initiative. We're also aiming to reach out to businesses who share our mission. We are aiming to gain the support of other entertainment organizations such as Youth On Record, & the Anschutz Entertainment Group as well. 

Despite all my artistic endeavors I’m pursuing and the time I spend teaching, my first priority is being a father to my first child, Andres Rey. Andres will be five months old in September. Andres Rey means Warrior King in Spanish. I gave him the middle name Rey after the Spanish song, “El Rey”, by Vicente Fernandez. My father used to listen to it with me when I was a boy and told me that he would listen to that song with his father and grandfather. He told me that it reminded them that they were still kings despite facing socioeconomic problems. 

How does your cultural background impact and reflect in your work as a musician: Music is the heartbeat of my existence, a potent blend of passion and purpose that fuels my desire to reshape the world through its power. Music speaks a universal language that transcends boundaries, connecting souls and igniting emotions. It's a canvas for thought, a catalyst for change, and a tapestry of intimate moments that thread through time. My musical journey started in a household that wasn't inherently artistic, but my admiration for music was evident from an early age. My father's love for Chicano, Latino, and Tejano music shaped my beginnings, as did my exposure to soul, oldies, and iconic artists like Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, and more. I spent family gatherings listening to my Tio, Carlos Castro, and abuelo, Cinco Solis, perform Mexican tunes and American rock & roll. As a kid, I used to burn CDs full of lowrider oldies for my Abuela, Rose Solis. 

As I entered into middle school, my musical horizons expanded, encompassing rock anthems, psychedelic funk, and the lyrical depths of rap. I listened to rock legends like Santana, AC/DC, and Jimi Hendrix. My love for music reached into the realms of psychedelic funk, guided by James Brown, Parliament, and The Isley Brothers. It was during this time that I discovered a lifelong companion in rap music. Born in 2000, I couldn't help but be drawn to the music moguls who dominated my formative years—JAY-Z, Kanye West, and Eminem. There was also a rising representation of Latino rappers around the same era that I grew up listening to. Baby Bash, Pitbull, Lighter Shade of Brown, Cypress Hill, Big Pun, & Fat Joe were very popular Latino Hip Hop figures when I was growing up. In seventh grade, I began penning my own rhymes, using rap as a vessel to channel the turbulence of puberty. Creating raps in my head was a way of escapism from the crowded, three bedroom, trailer that my parents, my brother, my sister, my abuela Lucha, & I all lived in at the time. The allure of old-school rap, with its soul and funk samples, further solidified my connection. Emulating the likes of Dr. Dre, Kanye West, and the RZA, I began crafting beats that paid homage to my inspirations.

Throughout high school, music became more than an emotional outlet; it shaped my thoughts, values, and philosophy. Witnessing the growth of artists like Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and Tyler, The Creator, I absorbed their messages of consciousness, individuality, and authenticity. Music evolved from a passion to a driving force in shaping my identity and worldview. Icons like 2Pac, Marvin Gaye, & Bob Marley became my educators, teaching me about civil rights, history, and relationships. Music's resonance extended beyond lyrics; it was a symphony of mathematics, philosophy, and vibrational frequencies.

Amidst my journey to adulthood, I embraced my identity as a rapper. Rejecting conformity, I embraced rockstar aspirations, unapologetically carving my own path. I grew up a Chicano kid, who doesn’t speak Spanish, in a small, country-western town, who makes rap and hip-hop. I’ve been breaking stereotypes and fighting inequalities all my life. I am proud to be the American melting pot. Being Chicano means navigating the crossroads of culture, where Mexican roots meet American identity. It's a fusion of two worlds, a blend of traditions, languages, and perspectives. Just as a mestizo, someone of mixed Indigenous and European heritage, embodies a physical union of ancestry, a Chicano embodies a cultural intersection that reflects the complexity of being part of both Mexican and American societies. Chicanos represent the blending of cultures within the American melting pot. It's an acknowledgment that American identity isn't a singular concept but rather a mosaic of stories, including those that trace their origins beyond the nation's borders.


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Photo: Roxanna Carrasco

Band Lineup: Christian Garcia (He/Him)

Colorado Home: Denver (Born and Raised)

Formed: 2018

Latest Release: “Let’s Get Down to Business” (Single), May 16, 2023, Self-Released

Upcoming Shows: Sunday, October 1st at Lost Lake Lounge

About: All my life I've been told that I'm too sensitive, too emotional, I take things too seriously, I can't take a joke, why are you crying? While some of those things may be true...we're forgetting how beautiful living this way can be. My music is romantic, nostalgic, dramatic, and cinematic to remind you to stay your emotional self. 

Some of my inspirations include Juan Gabriel, Lana Del Rey, George Michael, Sister Sledge, Donna Summer, and this silly little thing called life. 

Any upcoming plans to share or behind-the-scenes work you're excited to tell us about: The Purpose of Life is To Feel EP will be released on all digital platforms on September 28, 2023. More shows are to come following its release!

How does your cultural background impact and reflect in your work as a musician: Growing up there was always Mexican music playing. It’s extremely emotive! It could be the most beautiful afternoon and we’re listening to a song about jealousy-induced romantic suffering experienced by a man who fell in love with a cheating woman. It’s all very dramatic. Which is exactly what my music is - romantic, dramatic, nostalgic and cinematic. Furthermore, Latin Pop Star, Juan Gabriel is my biggest inspiration in music. His art taught me to be brave enough to express emotions that would usually be swept under the rug. He is unapologetically himself and I channel that energy in my work as I navigate emotions of all shapes and sizes to remind people that it’s okay to feel. Embrace those emotions! Share those emotions! Tell people about those emotions!


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Fuya Fuya

Photo: Julianna Williams

Band Lineup: Daniela Paez (she/her) - Lead Vocals, Keys, Guitar, Beatmaker, Producer

Colorado Home: Denver

Formed: Slowly started coming to life in 2017

Latest Release: Where Did U Go (Single), May 17, 2023, Self-Released

Upcoming Shows: 
Sept. 1st - Trident, Boulder, opening for The Mañanas
Sept. 8th - Mercury Cafe, Denver, opening for Nico Play
Sept. 15th - Odell Brewing Co., Denver, Latinx Heritage Month

Fuya Fuya is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer whose genres range from Hip-Hop/R&B to Latin-American Folk. She was born in the 90s in Ecuador and eventually made her way to Denver, Colorado. Her music is inspired by self-discovery, empowerment and honest vulnerability.

Her first album will be released in 2024 following her first single and music video, "Where Did U Go" and her next single “Running” to be released in the fall of 2023. 

Fuya Fuya is also a member of the Ecuadorian and Denver based band Neoma where she plays electric guitar and keys. She was part of the production team behind Neoma's Spotify single, "Running Up That Hill", as well as her latest release “Lento.” 

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about:
I’m currently working on recording the vocals for my upcoming single “Running” where I blend trap and neo-soul in a song about attraction and ambiguity. I want to make a music video for it as well, I really enjoy adding a visual aspect to my music. I’m excited to release this one because the song has two sections in Spanish, as opposed to my last single which was fully in English. After “Running” I will continue to record the rest of my material and put all my energy into releasing an album in 2024. 

How does your cultural background impact and reflect in your work as a musician: The most palpable way in which my cultural background is reflected in my music is that in spite of my sound being more inclined towards R&B and Hip-Hop, I incorporate a lot of Latin American rhythms to the beats. Occasionally, I bring in more explicit influences from Latin American music through instrumentation and performance practices. In a more spiritual aspect, in Ecuador we use a term that encompasses the energy of a lot of our traditional music which is “tristes alegrías”, translated literally as ‘sad joys’ but perhaps more poetically as sorrowful bliss. It refers to the way in which our songs have heartbreaking lyrics accompanied by an uplifting rhythm or on the contrary beautiful lyrics that are accompanied by slow and heartbreaking music. This contrast is very much cultural as well, it is known that Ecuadorians “become happy listening to sad music”. Musically, my Ecuadorian background presents itself through the emotional contrasts that emerge between my lyrics and my music. For me, it’s something that happens kind of naturally when I write. I might have a very uplifting beat and write lyrics about depression or have a melancholic and mellow beat and the lyrics are about desire and strong connections. I am Ecuadorian to the core, and I think this is also embodied in my need to contribute to the strengthening of the Latinx music community in my current home, Denver. 


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Hannah Rodriguez

Photo: Jo Babb

Band Lineup: Frequent collaborators include: Gabriel Mangione on drums, Denin Slage Koch on electric guitar, and Jase Conley on Bass

Colorado Home: Greeley

Formed: 2018

Latest Release: “Would Be Fine” (single) Feb. 19, 2023, self-released

Upcoming Shows: Block Party - Downtown Greeley, September 8th and BurnDown Denver - September 30th

About: Hannah Rodriguez is an award-winning vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and teacher based in Denver, Colorado. Influenced heavily by jazz, rock, and pop, Hannah has a passion for writing songs and experimenting with blending styles. Her variety of talents have been recognized by Downbeat Magazine in 2018 and 2022, and by the 2021 Sonic Spotlight competition put on by Fort Collins Museum of Discovery and Bohemian Foundation. You can find her regularly playing with her pop-funk band The Cuddies, swinging with Joe Smith and the Spicy Pickles, and in many other projects all around Colorado.

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about: nothing to make public yet!

How does your cultural background impact and reflect in your work as a musician: My family, and especially my dad, influenced my taste in music more than anything. I was listening to everything from Ella Fitzgerald and Gypsy Kings to Talking Heads and Foo Fighters. Because I loved so much music, and wanted to perform as much of it as I could, I decided to pursue an education in jazz studies. It was the right choice for me, jazz lead me through all the music I knew and loved. I still can’t get enough of everything, I have to talk myself out of learning another instrument- right now I’m limiting myself to guitar, piano, and bass.


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Jon Rubio

Photo: Katrina Obee

Band Lineup: Jon Rubio - Singer/Songwriter, Music Producer (He/Him/Himself)

Colorado Home: Denver

Formed: 2019

Latest Release: “Fan Girl” (Single) Self released through Distrokid on June, 9th 2023

Upcoming Shows: The next gig I have coming up is the “Local 303 Meetup” at Skylark in Denver on September 25th at 6:30 pm. Make sure to follow
my social media for updates!

About: Jon Rubio is a very unique artist who has strong influences of traditional music from Mexico, he loves experimenting with modern sounds and his passion for hip hop, creating a tasty blend between organic and traditional sounds backed by powerful hip hop and trap tracks. He also produces music for other artists as well as plays in the Denver Colorado Latino Band “Los Mocochetes”. He is multifaceted and utilizes all his skills to create the unique sound you hear when you listen to his music.

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about: I am currently working on a full album with a couple features from some of the local favorites. It’ll be my first full album. This album has a very modern and progressive tone packed with bangers after bangers in both English and Spanish.

How does your cultural background impact and reflect in your work as a musician: Growing up as a first generation Mexican American, I witnessed a lot of meshing and blending of traditional and modern cultures. For example most first generation Mexican Americans are raised with traditions from Mexico and with those of the United States. Even though we embrace where we come from, we also really love the pop culture of the United States. This is also present in our music here in the Southwest region of the United States. In Mexico what’s hot right now is a genre of music called “Corridos Tumbados." It’s a modern genre of Mexican music that holds the “estilo” (style) of our ancestors channeling through the acoustic guitar and bass. Now in America, Pop, Hip Hop/Rap, R N B, Latino Music, and Rock are all popular within our Latino communities nationally. But we also really love our motherland’s mainstream music. However, one thing I don’t find is the actual blending of these cultures together. And that’s where I come in. If you notice, some songs like “Labios Rosados” or “El Camino” really represent both sides of our culture. I value being able to pay homage to African American community for helping to give our people a platform to express ourselves as well as relate to the
systematic oppression our people still face day to day living in this country. I also value being able to represent my people within the hip-hop community. Within the hip hop industry, Latinos get highly underrepresented but it’s not all the systems fault. It’s the production. Most Latino rappers if you listen they all sound African American. From their clothing to lingo, they all mimic the African American community. The only thing wrong with this, is that none of them really
represent our indigenous culture in the music. Somewhere along the way we lost where we come from and also lost what it means to pass on our indigenous traditions. And so the future for our culture depends on the younger generation exploring our old ways and finding ways to practice them in the modern world. All these concepts are incorporated in my music and you can hear how I blend my Latino roots with modern styles of music. I hope that my art can also
influence other colored artist to explore their cultural roots and keep their indigenous traditions alive.


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Photo: Jordan Skutar

Colorado Home: Denver

Formed: 2020

Latest Release:  Quémame - single - August 4, 2023 - self released  |   Noches en SJ - single - June 29, 2023 - self released   | Villana - single - April 14, 2023 - self released

Upcoming Shows: Divinae Feminae with Lido Pimienta and Lolita at Levitt Pavilion! <3 

About: Katiria is a Puerto Rican singer, songwriter, and composer known for her smooth Latin pop sound and soulful lyrics. Born and raised in the island of Puerto Rico, Katiria has demonstrated her ability to blend musical genres — from reggaetón, salsa, cumbia, R&B, and pop music— offering something fresh and exciting to music lovers around the world. Katiria was recognized as a Tidal Rising Latin Artist in the summer of 2023. 

Katiria pursued her music career during the 2020 pandemic when she moved to Denver, CO by herself. She bought a microphone, taught herself about music production, and recorded her songs in her own bedroom during the pandemic. Previously, she worked as a ghostwriter since she was 18 years old and was involved in the Performing Arts since she was 6 years old. Her first release Mientes became an immediate success when it grabbed the attention of many and was featured in various radio stations worldwide. Although Mientes was the beginning of her journey, she was discovered by many with her single Hypnosis, receiving a major spotlight in the Latin music industry and getting recognized with her distinctive voice and unique style.

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about: Yes yes yes! I'm in the last phases of finishing my next album with over 15 songs and I truly cannot wait to show the world a part of me that people don't know about. This album is my essence, my heart, my tears, my childhood, my culture, my thoughts, my battles, my life. It's a little scary how vulnerable I've been throughout this journey but I wouldn't have been this proud of my product if I haven't opened up about them. 

How does your cultural background impact and reflect in your work as a musician:
At the beginning of my career, my answer would've been very different. A few years ago, people excluded a lot of Latin artist and their music from the rest trying to play a ''fair'' game. But now, Latinxs are rocking the world and it's so amazing to see! It feels freeing knowing that I can be my authentic self and people have been accepting and welcoming of that. I can show my roots and experiment with different sounds and not feel ashamed or dismissed based on my background. Listeners are getting more diverse and it's such a beautiful thing how music has connected one to another, sometimes not even understanding the language. Now I write with a lot more confidence and with an open heart, and that's all I've ever wanted in life.

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Photo: Jason Martin

Colorado Home: Westwood

Latest Release: "PAPA DIOS" (Single), Self-Released, Jul. 28, 2023

Upcoming Shows: My next show is November 10th at the Black Buzzard with speacial guests SIEMBRA... 

About: A Denver native, LatinSoul, has been immersed in the Colorado music scene since the age of 14. Her versatility and talent are showcased within Hip Hop and R&B as she’s opened for the likes of 3 Little Women,  Ziggi Marley, Too Short, Little Flip, Kid Frost, Baby Bash, Amanda Perez, NB Riders, BeBe & CeCe Winans, Yolanda Adams, Crystal Louis, and even had the opportunity to perform at an after party for Common.  Her soulful sound along with her Mexican and Indigenous heritage helped facilitate her  crossover into the Latin music scene, opening for artists such as El Alfa, Hector El Godfather, Los Hermanos Rosarios, Anthony Santos, Elvis Crespo and more. After being invited to "Tengo Talento Mucho Talento" (the Latin American Idol)  LatinSoul had the pleasure of singing the Mexican National Anthem at Dick's Sporting Goods Park, in addition to the United States National Anthem live on HBO at the 1st Bank Center.

Armed with a strong spiritual conviction and family oriented mentality LatinSoul dropped an EP with her eldest son Isaac Herrera titled “I AM’.  "ANCESTORS" , the first song released, is now playing from Denver to LA as it is featured on LA Talk Radio and the Colorado Culture Connection. Her features have landed airplay on Sirius XM and Shade 45. Her latest single "PAPA DIOS" was released on July 28th after being selected to perform at the big UMS in Denver. 

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about: Currently she is working on a full length album with her oldest son Isaac & will be ready to be released in October entitled "Queendom" who is said to be her best project yet!

How does your cultural background impact and reflect in your work as a musician: My music brings forth humility, courage, honor & spirituality. It reminds us to stay grounded & connected to our purpose bringing back many Indigenous traditional healing methods through vibration & frequency. That have been past down through my lineage. I remember my mom praying & healing people she also would go into this channel state where she would speak a different language aka Love language/holy spirit or Kundalini... There is healing & magic everywhere & when we allow LOVE to lead the way then we become humble enough to share are purpose! I come with change I offer the past & present But most of all I AM just a channel to bring forth counsisnes & mental awareness to my community & to the collective! 


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Photo: Jordan Altergott 

Band Lineup: Lolita (Vocals), DMD (Bass), Kenny O (Drums), Adrian (Guitar)

Colorado Home: Denver/Aurora

Formed: 2019

Latest Release: “Spoiled Rotten,” (Single), April 28th 2023, Self Released

Upcoming Shows: September 29th 2023,  Divinae Feminae w/ Lido Pimienta, Katrina & Lolita at Levitt Pavilion Denver

About: Lolita is a Mexican-American Latin Pop Artist who burst onto the streaming scene in 2019. Lolita combines a variety of compositional elements to form her unique and authentic sound. To date, Lolita has eleven singles in her online discography, amassing hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify alone. Her latest release is titled, "Spoiled Rotten." You can listen to Lolita’s latest releases and stay up to date on her latest music, videos, events, & more by following her @lolitaworldwide & visiting her website at

Upcoming Plans: New single Release “Fresa” last week of September.


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Ritmo Cascabel

Photo: Katie Langley

Band Lineup: Leonardo Munoz,(Keys/Flute) Raul Sanchez (vox/Percussions) Isaac Galarza (Vox/Bass) Tayler Doyle (Vox/Guitar) Emmanuel Montoya (Vox/percussions) everyone’s pronouns are He/Him the except for Leonardo (They/Them)

Formed: December 2019 right before the Pandemic

Colorado Home: Denver

Latest Release: Our latest release is our self titled album which came out August 16! You can stream it now on all music platforms, vinyl available on our Shopify.

Next Shows: Cumbia night “El Grito” at Hidive on September 16. Main support for Bombino at Cervantes October 5th.

About: Ritmo Cascabel is a bloody ripper cumbiadelica band hailing from Denver. These legends have created a wicked blend of cumbia, western, and rock and roll. They formed in early 2020 and have been smashing it ever since., Their self-titled, debut album was recorded in CDMX and is out now. It’s a chock-a-block full of tracks that'll have you crook if you're not on your feet.

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about: Our upcoming plans consist of touring the Pacific Northwest and Canada in September and November for Freakout Festival.

How does your cultural background impact and reflect in your work as a musician: Our cultural heritage as Latinx has had a big impact on our music style as well as on our performance on stage, being influence by Cumbia/salsa/boleros etc, has left a big mark on us which we reflect on our music composition. 


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shadow work

Photo: Amanda Castro

Band Lineup: Rafael Nava (he/him) Lead Vocals / Guitar, Joseph Szlanic (he/him) Bass / Backing Vocals, Benzi Zickau (he/him) Percussion 

Colorado Home: Denver 

Formed: Summer of 2020

Latest Release: "IMAGO" (EP), Aug. 1, 2023, Self-Released

Upcoming September Shows: September 14th - Fort Collins - Headlining the Aggie Theater

About: SHADOW WORK is a dark, indie dream-rock trio. Their dark, washy guitar textures, intricate bass riffs and dynamic jazz-inspired rhythms create an energetic framework for a tortured, soulful narrative. Based out of Denver, their live shows emit a passion for musical experimentation: Intricate time signatures interweave with progressive compositions, flowing from haunting and delicate to fervent and powerful.

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about:
Upcoming Fall tour through the SE and Midwest-
October 19th - Colorado Springs - Dog House
October 20th - Boulder - Sonic Guild 
October 23rd - Amarillo, TX - The 806 
October 24th - Houston, TX - Lazy Daze
October 25th - New Orleans, LA - Santos 
October 27th- Nashville, TN - Gunk House
October 29th - Chicago, IL - Fargo 
October 30th - Champaign, IL - The Space
October 31st - Kansas City, KS - Ray Town Records 
November 1st - Lincoln, NE - Duffys Tavern

We also have a music video for one of the tracks off of the new record “IMAGO” set to be released fall of 2023 and in May 2024 a Central European tour! 

How does your cultural background impact and reflect in your work as a musician: Both my mother and father come from indigenous tribes in their home countries of Venezuela and Dominican Republic. My families roots stem back to the Guajiro tribe who are known for their love of music and art. I like to believe that lives through me. From dancing to Hector Lavoe and Cheo Feliciano while helping my mom clean the house as a little kid in Valdosta, GA - to my first day with trumpet lessons, the culture has always been around me knowingly or not. 

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Soy Celeste

Photo: Isabel V Photography

Band Lineup: Celesté Martinez (she/her/ella) creator, led vocals and guitar, stevie gunter (any/all) bass, Saladin Thomas (he/him) drums

Colorado Home: Denver

Formed: 2022

Latest Release:
“Break Out” (Sophomore EP), April 26, 2023, Self-Released 
“I’ll Tell You What,” (Single), March 20, 2023, Self-Released
“Body Sovereignty” (Single), January 22, 2023, Self-Released 
“Unwinding” (Debut EP), Sept 9, 2022, Self-Released
“Unwinding Your Lies” (Debut Single), July 22, 2023, Self-Released

Upcoming Shows:

Saturday, Sept 2 Lowrider Show & "Mi Gente" Opening Celebration at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center 12-4pm/ Set 2pm Full Band / Free / All Ages 
Friday, Sept 15 Rock Night with my full band, Team Nonexistent and In The Variant at the Broadway Roxy / Doors 9pm/ Show 9:30 / $12 Presale / $15 DOS/ All Ages
Friday, Oct 6 Opening for Calamity Album Release at Skylark Lounge. More details to come. 
Friday, Oct 13 Latin Rock Benefit Show for the Colorado Trans Immigrant Fund with my full band, Immigrant's Child and The Original iLLs at a secret venue! Presales for $15/ DOS $20
Thursday, Dec 7 Soy Celesté with To Be Astronauts and Pretty. Loud. at Hi-Dive. More details to come.

Soy Celesté is a solo music project by Celesté Martinez (she/her/ella) on lead vocals and guitar with bandmates stevie gunter (any/all) on bass and Saladin Thomas (he/him) on drums, and managed by Baby Riot Management.

Celesté is a Queer Chicana rocking out on occupied Ute, Chyenne and Arapaho lands also referred to as Denver, Colorado. She sees music as a multi-faceted medium of self-expression and healing. Through songwriting Celesté shares about her lived experiences and intersecting identities. Her sound is emotionally charged and experiments with a variety of styles and genres. 

In January 2023, Soy Celesté released a stand alone single “Body Sovereignty” in honor of the 50th anniversary of Roe v Wade and the ongoing fight for reproductive justice! Later in April, Soy Celesté released her sophomore EP  “Break Out,” featuring her full band sound. This collection of songs is about breaking out of toxic patterns and relationships so something new can emerge.

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about: Soy Celesté is currently on a songwriting kick, so hear her newest songs at upcoming shows this fall. Be on the lookout in 2024 for a new single to be released and details about a Southwest tour. 

How does your cultural background impact and reflect in your work as a musician: As a Chicana, Celesté embraces the complexity of being Mestiza, both indigenous of Cherokee and Mexica lineages and of Spanish descent, while being politically active in our Colorado community. Celesté sees being Chicana as a meeting place of cultures and worlds, and this is also reflected in her music. You hear this as Celesté commonly jumps from English to Spanish or combining the two languages in her lyrics as well as including rhythmic patterns that are more common to Latin America to a variety of rock genres. Lately, she’s been revamping Mexican folk songs such as “La Llorona” and “La Bruja” to embody more of a punk, grunge rock and heavy metal sound with their traditional Spanish lyrics. She decided to focus on these songs because Celesté feels like these Latin feminine archetypes relate a lot to her own lived experiences. This experimentation is currently inspiring Celesté to further expand how she blends genres and styles in her own songwriting process.


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The Trujillo Company

Photo: Jason Reschka

Band Lineup: Mike Trujillo (he/him) - Guitar, Lead Vocals / Leny Trujillo (he/him) - Drums / Mark Hibl (he/him) - Bass, Vocals

Colorado Home: Denver

Formed: 2017

Latest Release: "4 Arrows" (album), August 25, 2023, Self-Released, /  "4 Arrows" (single) July 28, 2023, Self-Released

Denver power trio, The Trujillo Company is making their own mark on the flourishing music scene in Colorado. Sharing the same love of music and same last name, Mike and Leny Trujillo combined forces in 2017 to create a two-piece powerhouse driven by powerful backbeats and heavy riffs. The pair brought in bassist Mark Hibl in June 2021 to solidify the band’s evolving sound. The band's upcoming new album '4 Arrows' will be released August 25, 2023, with the singles "Down Below" "Deeper and Deeper" "Dad & Me" "Mojo" and "4 Arrows" is the band's first full release as a trio.

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about: We're thrilled to release our new album "4 Arrows" which is our first full album as a power-trio. We've got our sights on hitting the road in early 2024. We've filmed an episode of a new program on Rocky Mountain PBS that will be released this Fall, and are really excited about it. The band is heading into September coming off 2 sold out shows with DOGSTAR at Marquis Denver, and Belly Up Aspen.  

How does your cultural background impact and reflect in your work as a musician:
"When we decided on our band name, it was all about instilling a sense of pride for all Trujillos to rally around. Leny and I aren't related but we are both Trujillos, and that is something that united us. We want to make sure there is representation for all the Latin kids out there who want to rock, and hopefully inspire them to pick up an instrument and express themselves. We know deep down that we have to work even harder to get our name out there but it's totally worth it in the end." - Mike Trujillo 


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