Halloween art contest: CPR’s mascot needs a costume!

Meet our mascot, Quotie.

Quotie loves Halloween, but needs your help designing a costume. That’s why we’re hosting the first-annual Quotie Costume Contest! 

Using digital or analog means, create a Halloween or Dia de los Muertos costume for Quotie. 

For example…

  • You could print Quotie out and draw a pirate hat on them. 
  • You could use cardboard boxes and make a giant Quotie that you can actually wear and put some flair on that.
  • You could sculpt Quotie and fashion a 3D costume.
  • You could use digital software to create Quotie in an amazing costume – or make a Quotie GIF!

Then, scan, photograph, or download your art and submit it to be reviewed by our panel of judges.

We will select first, second, and third-place winners, and share them on CPR.org, as well as on our @newscpr Instagram page. 

We will also create an online gallery where you can view more of our favorite submissions.

Submission Details

  • There will be two competitions: one for children and teens, and one for adults 18 and older
  • Submit your work by 11:59 p.m. on Oct. 29
  • Email submissions to [email protected], with "Quotie Costume Contest" as the subject line
    • Include the name of your monster/character
    • Include your name, age and Colorado location of residence
    • Attach a photograph – or a .png .pdf or .jpeg file with your artwork
    • Include a brief artist statement (optional)

Happy haunting!