Listen: Take a trip down memory lane through these old Denver matchbooks

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Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite
Some of the old matchbooks on sale for $2 apiece at Fever Dream Vintage & Modern in City Park West. April 24, 2024.

Until recently, Denverites stopping for breakfast at Racines in Capitol Hill would likely find a who’s who of Colorado’s political scene. Visit Govnr’s Park elsewhere in the neighborhood and you would find it packed with sports fans drinking beer and watching the game. You could dance to good music during a night out at Deadbeat Club in University Hills and enjoy a more family friendly experience at Casa Bonita in Lakewood. 

But Govnr's Park poured its last beer in 2018. Racines closed in 2020, a casualty of the pandemic. Deadbeat Club turned into a number of different night clubs in the early 2000s until a fire destroyed the building in 2015. After closing during the pandemic, Casa Bonita made a highly anticipated return last year. 

Such is the lifecycle of a city. 

Denver has seen a lot of change in the past two decades even before a pandemic that was tough on the already turbulent restaurant industry. Generations grow up, trends change and longtime owners decide to throw in the towel.

But fragments of Denver history linger through matchboxes found in places like Fever Dream, a vintage store off Colfax Avenue that sells the ephemera for $2.

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