4th Congressional District: Republican Peter Yu

Hart Van Denburg/CPR News
Peter Yu before taking part in a debate Jan. 25, 2024 among candidates running in the 4th Congressional District primary race. The event was hosted by the Republican Women of Weld and the Lincoln Club of Colorado at the Fort Lupton Recreation Center.

Peter Yu is a second-generation immigrant and has worked in finance as an executive at Wyndham Worldwide and HSBC Bank. 

He hopes his corporate background, where his “responsibilities were to handle large projects, budgets, operations, and teams,” according to his Ballotpedia biography, will position him to “make progress in creating legislation for the people of our country.”

This is Yu’s third time running for political office. In 2017 he was a candidate for the 2nd Congressional District. In 2021, he also ran unsuccessfully for a U.S. Senate seat against Democratic incumbent Sen. Michael Bennet.

Yu spoke to CPR News about his positions on some of the issues that are most important to voters in the district.

On democracy and good governance

“I believe that democracy is where all people of our district, state, and country govern themselves,” Yu told CPR News.

“Good government is also shown by the fact that the people and our elected officials do not know everything and there must be a need to admit that we are fallible so that we can learn from our mistakes and find solutions.”

On the economy and cost of living 

Yu’s plan to strengthen the local economy is to “increase jobs, reduce housing costs, and invest in future technologies” that will support people in diverse industries across the state. 

This includes looking into new technologies that will help farmers irrigate using less water, considering options for a Northern Colorado carrier airline that would help to infuse the economy with new jobs, and eliminating unnecessary housing regulations that increase costs for builders and home buyers.

Yu also wants to reduce the cost of living by reviewing Colorado’s energy sources. “Having reliable and affordable energy will be the basis to reduce the cost of living,” he said.

On immigration 

Yu, the child of immigrants, believes immigration is America’s most pressing issue. 

“America is a giving and caring nation, but it is time to take a hard stance,” Yu told CPR News. “We can no longer rely on band-aid fixes and need to resolve this issue by having strict rules.”

His vision includes clear communication that coming to America, illegally, in search of a better life is not a qualifier for asylum. He wants would-be immigrants to know that people who brave the long and dangerous journey, hoping for work in America, will be sent back to their country of origin.

In addition to discouraging illegal immigration, he believes America needs to expedite the process of approving credible work and guest visas. This, he hopes, will bolster legal immigration.

“By setting proper expectations, we can see a major reduction in illegal immigration and return our sovereignty as a nation.”