The Local 303: Colorado artists we’re featuring for July 2024

This month we're highlighting some of the 150+ Colorado artists performing at this year's Underground Music Showcase, the three-day long music festival in late July that takes place along Broadway in Denver. The UMS is in its 24th year and is a favorite for music discovery, peppered with amazing performers from across Colorado and all over the world. Indie 102.3 is an official media partner again this year and we hope you come say hello to us at our booth near the Showcase Stage!

Joining the Local 303 this month are solo artists Nealson and DVNEHPPY; they are both hyped about playing the festival for the first time. Trevor Michael's father-son band and local rockers Velvet Daydream will be making their UMS debut this year, too.

You'll hear Astral Planes and The Frickashinas on the radio this month, and both of these bands are playing UMS for the first time, although members of both bands have played the festival with other groups over the years.

After performing at the UMS for the first time last year, Mango Slushy and LatinSoul will return to the festival with sets to highlight their newest music releases.

Back for their third year is Soy Celesté, Rocket Surgeons, and Olivia Rudeen.

We welcome all these artists to the airwaves this month and encourage you to get to know and hang out with our Local 303 artists at the Local 303 Meetup, where we celebrate our featured artists and the entire Colorado music community. You can also take part in our music meeting where you get to vote on new local songs, enter for a chance to win UMS festival passes, and see an intimate live performance by Nealson.

The Local 303 Meetup takes place on Monday, July 22 from 6:30 to 9 p.m. at Hi-Dive, located at 7 South Broadway in Denver. This event is open to everyone 21+ with free admission.

Thanks to Stuart Alden of Ink Lounge, who designs a limited-edition, screen-printed poster for each meetup; only 50 are printed and they're available with a small donation. Also thanks to Mintz Law Firm who sponsors the Local 303, and Local 303 Meetup sponsor Mijenta sustainably sourced tequila.

Are you a Colorado musician who wants to be featured in the Local 303? Send us your music!

Astral Planes

Photo: Nicola Batten

Band Lineup:
Zach Kane (any) - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Jeff Fedel (He/Him) - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Lehi Peterson (He/Him) - Bass, Vocals
Luke Batten (He/Him) - Drums, Samples

Colorado Home: Denver

Formed: 2016

Latest Release: "Rent" (Single), April. 26, 2024, Self-Released

Upcoming Shows: UMS Skylark Lounge 5:00-5:40

About: Denver emo band with Zach Kane (vocals/guitar) Jeff Fedel (Lead Guitar) Lehi Peterson (Bass) and Luke Batten (Drums). We've been around since the release of our 2016 first EP Lostapart followed by our second EP Dog Days in 2020. All of us have been playing in various local bands in Denver for most of our adult lives. We're looking forward to releasing our debut full length album Generational Curse Breaker in the fall!

Have you played UMS before? We all have but not yet with this band.

Share a UMS memory whether it is from when you performed or just from attending? Watching the vocalist of Rad Dudes run around screaming "love is real and cocaine is not a drug" in a leisure suit at HQ last year followed immediately by Hellgrammites world shattering performance at Hi-dive. Literally the best hour of my life.

Do you like performing at festivals, how is it different from other shows? We love it! Being surround by the positive vibes of the crowd and the creative expression of the artists gives us so much energy. We thrive off of that.

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about: Up next we're shooting a music video with director Alex Pace for our most recent single "Rent." It's by far our most ambitious and professional one to date. We're huge fans of Alex's work and we can't wait to show off what we have planned. Our debut album Generational Curse Breaker is coming in the fall.

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Beasts Of No Nation

Photo: Rick Knight

About: In a world where borders dissolve and cultures intertwine, Beasts of No Nation rise as a powerful force, forging a new path with their mesmerizing Afro-fusion sound. This collective of supremely talented musicians has embarked on a musical journey, weaving together the rich tapestry of national and international black music, inspired by the vibrant sounds of the diaspora.

At the core of this dynamic ensemble is Avery Jacob, the Emcee whose lyrical prowess captivates audiences with thought-provoking verses that explore the depths of the human experience. With a voice that resonates with truth and passion, Avery's words transcend boundaries, urging listeners to embrace their roots while embracing the global community.

Kai Addo, the bassist, anchors the band's infectious rhythms, infusing each note with an undeniable groove that pulses through the audience's veins. Jontae Prince Gray, the drummer, brings an electrifying energy to the stage, his beats serving as the band's heartbeat, igniting a fire within every listener.

Lucas Milowsky, the percussionist, adds an anthropological element to the ensemble, transporting audiences to distant lands with his masterful study of traditional African rhythms. Ian "Big Easy" Burke, the guitarist, weaves intricate melodies and soulful solos, seamlessly blending blues, funk, punk, and Afrobeat influences.

Logan Chan, the keyboard player, summons bossa nova melodies that soar through the air, enveloping listeners in a dreamscape of sound. J Orun and JoJo, the vocalists, possess voices that heal and empower, harmonizing with otherworldly chemistry that resonates deep within the soul.

In October, Beasts of No Nation unleashed their debut single and accompanying video, "ULTRAVIOLET," a sonic explosion that introduced the world to their unique sound. With infectious hooks, fun lyrics, and a vibrant visual narrative, "ULTRAVIOLET" became an instant smash.

Now, as anticipation grows, Beasts of No Nation prepares to release their highly anticipated debut EP, "Last Flight To VIBERIA," in the spring of 2024. This musical voyage transports listeners to an imaginary world, where cultures collide, and boundaries fade away. With each track, the collective pushes the boundaries of genre, fusing elements of Afrobeat, Hip Hop, funk, reggae, R&B, and Calypso, creating a truly transcendent experience.

Beasts of No Nation's mission is clear: to celebrate the power of music as a unifying force, honor the African diaspora's diverse heritage, and inspire a new generation to embrace their roots while embracing the world. Their live performances are a testament to their vision—a captivating spectacle that leaves audiences breathless, united, and hungry for more.
As the world turns its attention to the AfroFusion revolution, Beasts of No Nation stand at the forefront, ready to unleash their sonic revolution upon the world. Get ready to surrender to the irresistible beats, the enchanting melodies, and the electrifying energy of Beasts of No Nation — the vanguard of a new era in music.

Have you played UMS before? If so, how many times? We have not. This will be our first appearance.

Share a UMS memory whether it is from when you performed or just from attending? I worked UMS last year for Youth On Record and I really enjoyed it. The camaraderie and the energy is at an all-time high always!

Do you like performing at festivals, how is it different from other shows? Love festival performances! A lot of energy and a lot of careful planning. Alos, there is a moment to be seized that is unique to your average shows.

Any upcoming plans to share or behind-the-scenes work you're excited to tell us about: Yes! We will be supporting The Pamlico Sound at Mercury Cafe August 23rd. Headlining Myco Jamfest at 119 South broadway on August 24th. Then headlining Dashiki-Fest at Levitt Pavillion on August 31st.


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Photo: Brianna Autin

Band Lineup: Divine Martin (he/him) - Rapper/Songwriter 

Colorado Home: Fort Collins

Formed: 2018

Latest Release: W.O.A.H (ALBUM), Nov. 10, 2023, Self-Released

Upcoming Shows:
July 26th - UMS @ Bar 404 - 7PM
August 3rd - 830 North in Fort Collins, CO
September 28th - ‘Southern Hospitality’ @ The Matchbox
TBA - Worthy Of All Hype Vol. 2

About: DVNEHPPY (pronounced divinehippy) is a rap/hip-hop artist from Houma, Louisiana. So far he has made a name for himself as an artist in his hometown but his name now stretches into the Southern Louisiana hip-hop community as well as (more recently) the Colorado hip-hop scene. DVNEHPPY has generated a classic sound that really shows his roots of jazz, lofi, & fusion style music. You can see this demonstration of the arts in his projects the ‘Sublime – EP’, the ‘CONCRETE - EP’ as well as his most recent body of art, the ‘W.O.A.H’ (Worthy Of All Hype) album.

DVNEHPPY aka Divine Martin, is also the founder of the W.O.A.H NETWORK which is his media/promotional company where he showcases all things that are ‘Worthy Of All Hype’. 
So far he’s been seen performing alongside Dear Silas, a rising star hailing from the Jackson, MS area and has even shared the stage with legendary artists such as TWISTA, Slum Village, Cousin Stizz, Palmer Squares, The Iceman Special, Marlon Craft & Open Mike Eagle. This showcases, even further, DVNEHPPY’s slogan “THERE’S NO ‘I’ IN DVNEHPPY” & at the pace he’s going, other big names will also be a part of his resume’ soon enough. 

Have you played UMS before? If so, how many times? No, this will be the 1st time gracing UMS' presence. 

Share a UMS memory whether it is from when you performed or just from attending? Last year was my first time being able to experience the entirety of the festival (the 2 years before that, I was only able to attend one day) and the energy is just insane. Everyone involved from artists, to patrons, to staff, all have a deep love for the music scene and community and it's a euphoric feeling. I remember last year, seeing this artist by the name of Ogi. Had never heard of her but I remembered hearing people in the street raving about how excited they were to check out her set. I went to check it out and I've been a fan ever since. I think that alone shows how powerful this space is and shows how important  spaces like this are for music communities.

Do you like performing at festivals, how is it different from other shows? Festivals are an entirely different energy as opposed to other shows. There's so many different walks of life and different music tastes, it's basically like a pot of gumbo. You never know what to expect and I think that's the most exciting thing about it. The potential to make new fans that may have otherwise never heard your music before as well as building a genuine connection with them over your love of music is beautiful.

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about: I am currently in the process of booking 'Southern Hospitality' Vol. 3, a yearly event I came up with alongside some other Southern Louisiana friends of mine to really showcase the southern roots planted in Colorado as well as show hospitality to artists of all walks of life that have established themselves out here. I am also in the process of booking, 'Worthy Of All Hype Vol. 2' where we showcase local musicians who are indeed worthy of all the hype they've been getting/that we feel like they should be getting & this is hosted through my media/promotional company 'W.O.A.H NETWORK'.  These are TBA so follow for more upcoming information!

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The Frickashinas

Photo: Rico Tortellini

Band Lineup: 
Justin Duran (He/Him) Lead Vocals, Guitar
Bret Ahroon (He/Him) Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jeremiah Ludemann (He/Him) Guitar
Sam Holder (He/Him) Drums

Colorado Home: Denver

Formed: Fall of 2020

Latest Release: The Frickashinas "Thanks for the invite." Full Length 12" Vinyl Released April 15 2023.  Self Released.  Singles "I Like Your Band Better" "Do you want to watch me die again" "Just one drink and other lies"

Upcoming Shows: 
July 6th - Punk Rock Saves Lives Fest - Ratio Beerworks- Overland
July 27th - UMS - Hornet 
Aug 17th - Rock for Autism -  Ratio Beerworks- Overland

About: The Frickashinas were born from one really bad band name suggestion and four great friends in the midst of the Covid 19 Pandemic in 2020. However, what originally started out as buddies having fun and writing a few songs to fill the time during lockdowns while their regular bands were on hiatus, eventually snowballed into a full fledged punk band!

Although, the members have all been entrenched in the diverse music scene in The Mile High City for over 20 years in various musical projects, jazz bands, and studio work they had never really played together as a band. But as soon as they did, they instantly knew that they had chemistry and communal love for the music they were playing. Once the first couple songs were written, they decided to hit the studio and get them recorded (with producer Scott Hallquist of Ten Foot Pole, DC Fallout and others).

Over the past two years, the quartet has played numerous shows in the Denver area and the greater western region, opening for touring acts such as Guttermouth, Authority Zero, Alien Ant Farm & The Bastard Suns just to name a few.

Always looking to improve, the band kept writing new material and recorded tracks with Felipe Patino (Green Door Recordings, Bricheros/Sack) and Kyle Tilev (Black in Bluhm Music, CounterPunch) and released their debut full-length, “Thanks For The Invite” in Spring of 2023.

After releasing 3 singles, 5 music videos, (and a partridge in a pear tree) The Frickashinas are nothing if not prolific. With multiple tours and festivals on the books for 2024, chances are you will see/hear them for yourselves.

Now, if we could only get people to pronounce the name correctly! (Frick-UH-Shin-UHs)

Have you played UMS before? If so, how many times? First time with this project. Bret has played it previously with Pawn Ticket Trio, Minor Note Orchestra and Hot Apostles. 

Do you like performing at festivals, how is it different from other shows? Yes and no.  Festivals are great for networking, hanging out with tons of bands and friends.  But a small packed dirty punk rock bar can't be beat.  200 people stuffed into a venue that holds 150 is magic. 

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about: We are currently working on new songs.  We plan to start recording in the fall and hope to have some new singles out by the end of the year.  


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Photo: Carmen Hernandez

Band Lineup: Just me LatinSoul I am not a band I am a solo recording artist... I hire different musicians to play my sets...

Colorado Home: Born/Raised in Denver and Chihuahua, Mexico

Formed: LatinSoul was created in 2006 but I started in the music industry since the age of 14.

Latest Release: QUEENDOM full-length album out June 19th 2024

Upcoming Shows:
Sonic Guild - July 21st
Album Release Party: UMS  weekend of July 26th
Fox 31 - August 1st

About: Denver autistic native Felisa Hernandez aka “LatinSoul” has been immersed in the Colorado music scene since the age of 14 years old. 

She is one of the top leading latina vocalists in Denver Colorado.

Her versatility and talent are showcased within Hip-Hop/R&B/Latin/Pop & Gospel as she’s opened for the likes of 3 Little Women,  Ziggi Marley, Too Short, Little Flip, Kid Frost, Baby Bash, Amanda Perez, NB Riders, BeBe & CeCe Winans, Yolanda Adams, Crystal Louis, and even had the opportunity to perform at an after party for Common.  Her soulful sound along with her Mexican and Indigenous heritage helped facilitate her  crossover into the Latin music scene, opening for artists such as El Alfa, Hector El Godfather, Los Hermanos Rosarios, Anthony Santos, Elvis Crespo and more.

She is a vocal student of Dr Scott Martin whom graduated from the school of Juliards who has also trained Michael Jackson, Barbara Streisand, Patsy Cline, Leonard Bernstein, The Frey, Cece Winans, Nancy Wilson of Heart, Willie Nelson & more!

The technique Dr Scott Martin used to mold LatinSoul's voice structure is called The Lower Diaphtomatical Breathing Technique used for Opera singers.

Dr Scott Martin led her to the World Championship Of Performing Arts where she competed against several different countries & was able to bring back 3 gold medals, 2 silver and 1 bronze…

In 2005 LatinSoul's single "Esta Noche" was requested more than Daddy Yankee "Gasolina" on La Mega 95.7FM & had an offer from Sony Latino for distribution.

In 2010 she was featured on a song with Colorado veteran D-DUBB titled “This Is My Town” which has then been sowed out to be Denver's Anthem.

After being invited to "Tengo Talento Mucho Talento" (the Latin American Idol) in 2019 LatinSoul had the pleasure of singing the Mexican National Anthem at Dick's Sporting Goods Park for the soccer finals. Her National Anthem performance on HBO at the 1st Bank Center & for the Golden Gloves tournament is one to be remembered!

Armed with a strong spiritual conviction and family oriented mentality LatinSoul dropped an EP with her eldest son Isaac Herrera titled “I AM’.  "ANCESTORS" , the first song released, is now playing from Denver to LA & NYC as it is featured on LA Talk Radio and the Colorado Culture Connection.

Her features have landed airplay on Sirius XM, Shade 45 & a movie called Get Lost. 

Her latest single "PAPA DIOS" was released on July 28th after being selected to perform at the big UMS in Denver. 

Currently she is working on a full length album with her oldest son Isaac & will be ready to be released in 2024 entitled "Queendom" who is said to be her best project yet!

LatinSoul continues to be a part of the community helping raise the collective through Reiki, Curanderismo, Shamanism, Ariel Yoga, Breath Work, Storytelling, Sound, Frequency & Psilocybin Healing Work.

Have you played UMS before? If so, how many times? 2nd time playing at the UMS! Last year was my first time attending and performing at the UMS and all I have to say is: Wowzers we have a bunch of talented amazing humans in Colorado. I also appreciate the help for disabilities that the UMS offers for people like me who can not comprehend as much such as myself due to my ASD! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Do you like performing at festivals, how is it different from other shows? I love performing in  general! I believe I have the ability to go into this different realm and bring back the magic to share with everyone. Weeeeeee lol.

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about: I am currently working on my next 2 videos for my songs "RIO" and "GRACEFUL WARRIOR" dropping this year! I also have some pretty big projects that I will be able to share soon!

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Mango Slushy

Photo: Courtesy of the Artist

Band Lineup:
Danny Acree (He/Him) – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Foxton Robie (He/him) – Drums, DJ Backing Tracks

Colorado Home: Golden

Formed: 2020

Latest Release: The Smoothy Album.., Apr. 24, 2024, Self-Released.

Upcoming Shows: Saturday July 27th, 6pm @ Rhapsody (UMS)

About: Mango Slushy is a Indie-Pop band brings the party anywhere they play, with fast drums, wavy guitar, and smooth vocals their live shows leave nothing to be desired! Not only do they control the stage but their production really stands out as well, building soundscapes so anyone and everyone can listen. This Duo of Danny Acree and Foxton Robie comes together to bring people together through their fun Music.

Have you played UMS before? If so, how many times? We have played at UMS only last year at the UMS House for a quick set. Had a great time making some noise!

Share a UMS memory whether it is from when you performed or just from attending? Last year on that last day of UMS, that Sunday, Babah Fly put together a show with us and some other of our peers which was the most fun we have had playing show ever! It was so hot and we had about 20 mins before our set started so we went to a tropical café and we both got mango Slushies from there and went on to have one our favorite shows we have played to date, with all of our friends, peers, and collaborators in the audience it was the most supporting and loving crowd we have played for.

Do you like performing at festivals, how is it different from other shows? We love performing at other festivals but UMS has really got it locked down making usre the artists have all the resources we need to go an perform for our peers, friends, fans, and collaborators. We have gotten so many fun opportunities from being in around the UMS fun.

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about: We are so excited to announce our 2nd Self-released, self-produced, total DIY album: ‘The Banana Smoothy Album’ coming out mid/end of JULY right in-time for UMS, along with a brand new short-film/music video dropping that same night! Official date is TBD.


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Photo: Hannah Smith

Band Lineup: Neal Ortiz (he/him) - DJ / Guitar / Vocals

Colorado Home: Denver

Formed: 2021 

Latest Release: "Call In The Night" (Single), March 16, 2024, Self-Released

Upcoming Shows: 
Local 303 Meetup at Hi-Dive - July 22nd
UMS at Hi-Dive (Set Time 6:00pm) - July 27th

About: In 2021, Neal Ortiz (Nealson) created a thought-provoking electronic project with a mission to share his story of growth, be a positive influence within the community, and inspire others to search for their higher purpose. With his nostalgic blend of indie pop and old school future bass, Nealson pulls at your heartstrings by writing songs about love, growing as a person, and moving forward through hard moments. Throughout his career he has supported many high-profile electronic artists including Kaivon, ALLEYCVT, Kasbo, Lizzy Jane, Pluko, Laszewo, and recently played the Decadence Music Festival. His unmatched energy on stage, connection with the crowd, and blend of genres throughout his performance prove that he is an act anyone can enjoy.

Have you played UMS before? If so, how many times? No I have not, this will be my first time! When I started the Nealson project, playing UMS was always a dream of mine. I am so grateful to be included in this year's event!

Share a UMS memory whether it is from when you performed or just from attending? The first summer living in Denver, I'll never forget walking to work in the middle of the day, turning the corner and coming across a big stage with a live band playing. There were tons of people walking around, dancing, and having the absolute best time! At that moment, I felt so at home. I thought.. What is this? It was the UMS! It was so inspiring and heartwarming to see the city's love for live music and how embedded it was into its culture.

Do you like performing at festivals, how is it different from other shows? I freakin' love playing festivals! The energy is just different and everyone is there to have a good time. I think when preparing for a festival, I can really tap into that fun energy, not take myself so seriously, and put something together that all attendees can really adore. When I play venues, I always feel the need to "prove myself" and show the truest version of my art because a lot of the crowd is there just to see me. Both environments truly push me to do unique things.

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about: I'm currently working on my debut EP representing a new chapter in my project and life. The EP focuses less on my classic themes of heartbreak / post breakup growing pains, but on positivity, love, community, and friendship. I feel like when I first started, I got all the personal sappy stuff out of my system and now it's time to focus on the fun side of life. We are constantly working hard to better ourselves and the growth we've done should be celebrated! This new era of music will feature a lot more instruments, funky elements, and positive vibes. Songs to lift your spirit!


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Olivia Rudeen

Photo: Lindsey Patkos

Band Lineup: Olivia Rudeen - vocals, guitar

Colorado Home: Born and raised in Denver, now residing in Nashville 

Formed: I've been performing as a solo artist since 2010 

Latest Release: "Radio Star " (Single), Nov. 18, 2022, Self-Released <--- latest solo release. Last June EP, June 21, 2024, Self-Released <----collaborative EP w/ Jake Etheridge under the name "Olive James." 

Upcoming Shows: UMS - Sat. July 27, 2024, 6pm at Baere Brewing Co. 

About: Raised under the wide open skies of the West and transplanted into the land of “three chords and the truth,” Olivia Rudeen writes songs that tell stories about life from a lonesome bird’s-eye view. The daughter of two writers, her love affair with words began at an early age. Inspired as much by Cormac McCarthy as Sheryl Crow, Rudeen writes observational and poignant lyrics, odes to the lonely that hangs just outside the halo of the headlights on a long drive home, the melancholy oil spill rainbow on an empty corner sidewalk, the ghost of a goodbye floating in the radio static, the heartache and beauty of moments lived, loved, and lost.

Originally from Denver, CO, Olivia performs all over the US and is a regular at the world famous Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, TN. Over the years, she has been fortunate enough to share the stage with incredible artists such as Ashley McBryde, Madi Diaz, Courtyard Hounds, and DeVotchKa, among many others.

Between tour dates, Olivia writes songs in her home base of Nashville with and for other artists. Her songs have been released by Reba McEntire (“Seven Minutes in Heaven”) and Ashley McBryde (“The Jacket”), among many other artists, and have been streamed over 12 million times worldwide.

Olivia's music has also been featured prominently in film and television. Her co-written song "As The Crow Flies," was performed on season 5 of the hit CMT show Nashville and her songs have been featured on ABC Family’s The Vineyard and Jane By Design.

Olivia's most recent singles “Radio Star,” “Brooklyn Dodgers,” “Looking at LA,” and “Time Machine” - produced by Jake Finch and Collin Pastore (Lucy Dacus, Boygenius, Bre Kennedy), are available for download and streaming on all major digital music platforms.

Have you played UMS before? If so, how many times?  Yes! I played UMS in 2016 and 2017 and I'm thrilled to be back. 

Share a UMS memory whether it is from when you performed or just from attending? One of the last times I performed at UMS it was at The White Whale Room as a part of the Denver Songwriters Club. It was so cool to share a stage with people I'd grown up with who had all evolved into such an accomplished and diverse group of artists. I always feel proud to be a product of the Denver music scene, but that was one day that really brought it into focus. 

Do you like performing at festivals, how is it different from other shows? I love performing at festivals! Being an artist can be a very lonely, isolating pursuit and there's nothing that compares to feeling like you, the other musicians, and the fans are all in it together! You're there as a fan and a performer and facing all of the elements as a part of one communal experience.  

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about: In the years since the pandemic, I haven't gotten back to Colorado as much as I'd like to perform. I'm really excited to change that and start doing it more often!  


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Rocket Surgeons

Photo: Kit Hedman

Band Lineup:
Russell Hedman (he/him) - Vocals, Producer
Sami Davis (she/her) - Vocals, Keys
Joe Barnholt (he/him) - Guitar
Kirby Beegles (he/him) - Bass

Colorado Home: Denver

Formed: 2008 (formerly known as Filthy T)

Latest Release: "Colors (Restored)" (Single), Dec. 22, 2023, Self-Released

Upcoming Shows: Underground Music Showcase, Denver, CO - July 27 at 2:20 PM on the Underground Stage

About: Rocket Surgeons (formerly Filthy T) is the brainchild of four Denverites intent on blending modern rock and smart rap. The band’s signature sound is articulate vocals over soulful guitar parts and driving rhythms. Growing up together in Denver, rapper-producer Russell Ben Hedman and guitarist Joe Barnholt created songs by mixing the clever rhythms of hip-hop with edgy rock sounds. The original duo has been joined by singer Sami Davis, and bassist Kirby Beegles.

Rocket Surgeons has garnered continual accolades and achievements with their recorded music, including Big Gig Competition Top 10, and they have a song on Spotify with over 2 million plays (Hustle). Rocket Surgeons also had the video for their song Broccoli go viral and the YouTube video currently has over 800,000 plays. As a live band, Rocket Surgeons has played Red Rocks, headlined and sold out numerous venues (including sellouts at the Bluebird Theatre and Lost Lake), and won Westword Magazine's Best of the West 2018 live competition. The group has opened for touring artists including Smash Mouth, The Flobots, Vanilla Ice, and Rehab.

The band is also committed to doing great things for the Denver community. Rocket Surgeons has organized and played fundraising concerts for organizations like Children’s Hospital, the victims of the 2012 Aurora theater shooting, Claire Davis (Arapahoe High School shooting victim), and Make-A-Wish Foundation of Colorado.

Have you played UMS before? If so, how many times? Yes! This will be our 3rd time playing UMS. We played in 2015 and again last year in 2023.

Share a UMS memory whether it is from when you performed or just from attending? One thing that always stands out about the UMS is how you can literally feel in the air the excitement about music that the event brings because of the incredible crowd. As a band, we always make an effort to become part of the crowd and visit other stages throughout the UMS weekend, and we often run into our other band mates while we are out and about, where we exchange stories about the awesome local bands we've seen and where we are headed next. The variety of options you have and new music to explore is unbeatable!

Do you like performing at festivals, how is it different from other shows? We love performing at festivals. The crowd is usually more engaged because they are just excited to listen to all types of music, and they are more open to new acts. We often get people who come up to us at festivals and say they explicitly sought us out after seeing our name on the line up and looking up our music. Other shows don't give you the same opportunity to introduce yourself to music lovers and potential new fans.

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about: We are working on a couple of songs in the studio, and hope to have another single released later this year.


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Soy Celesté

UMS 2024 - 2
Celesté Martinez
Photo: Tammy Ealom

Band Lineup: 
Celesté Martinez (she/her/ella) - Creator, Lead Vocal, Guitar 
stevie gunter (any/all) - bass
Saladin Thomas (he/him) - drums 

Colorado Home: Denver

Formed: 2022

Latest Release:  "Machista" ft Joshua Trinidad (Single) was self-released May 3, 2024 with a music video for the single to be released July 5, 2024. "Feminism is Intersectional"  (Single) was self-released June 7, 2024. Both are singles from Soy Celesté's debut album titled "Feminista Manifestó," which is set to be self-released August 2, 2023. 

Upcoming Shows:

  • Saturday, July 6th full band with Tiny Humans, Frog Team & Television Generation at Mutiny Information Cafe (2 S Broadway Denver, CO 80209) Show 7pm
  • Friday, July 12th full band with special guest Emmanuel Luna with Glitter Porn, GUNK!, and GRL Band at Vultures (2100 E Platte Ave Colorado Springs, CO 80909) Doors 7pm & Show 8pm / $12 pre-sales available at or $15 at the door 
  • Saturday, July 13th double hitter for Trinidad Art Fest on Main St with band set featuring Emmanuel Luna at 1pm with free admission, then later show with Ragetones and Lyra Muse at The Well Hotel Taproom (165 E Main St Trinidad, CO 81082) Doors 7pm & Show 7:30pm / $10 at the door
  • Friday, July 26th Underground Music Showcase full band set with special guests Joshua Trinidad and Emmanuel Luna 7pm at HQ

Soy Celesté is a Latin Feminist Punk music project from unceded Ute, Cheyenne and Arapaho lands also referred to as Denver, CO. Celesté Martinez (she/her/ella) is the creator, lead vocalist, and guitarist of Soy Celesté.

She is proudly supported by her bandmates stevie gunter (any/all) on bass and Saladin Thomas (he/him) on drums. Their emotionally charged sound melds Latin Folk and Riot Grrrl punk rock through creative imagery to ignite social change.

Celesté feels that her whole existence as a Brown, Fat, Femme, Queer, Chicana person living in the United States is political because of our mainstream culture. This is in part why she chose her artist name to be Soy Celesté, which directly translates from Spanish to “I am Celesté,” because it is a declaration of her existence.

As a Chicana, Celesté embraces the complexity of being Mestiza, both indigenous of Cherokee and Nahua lineages and of Spanish descent, while being politically active in her Colorado community. She sees being Chicana as a meeting place of cultures and worlds. This is reflected in her music with the way Celesté blends both English and Spanish into her lyrics and fuses together a variety of Latin and rock genres. Her music may come across as strange, which truly embodies Celesté’s Queerness, because it doesn’t quite fit into one genre but several simultaneously.

Her first full length album “Feminista Manifestó” will be coming out August 2, 2024. This album captures more layers to Celesté's story, her identity as a Queer Chicana, and amplifies her intersectional feminist politics. In anticipation, a single “Machista” which features Joshua Trinidad on trumpet is out now everywhere you listen to music.

Have you played UMS before? If so, how many times? This will be my third time playing UMS and the second time with the band. 

Share a UMS memory whether it is from when you performed or just from attending? Our band set last year at the Hornet was packed and the audience was incredible! To date, this is one of our band's favorite shows because it felt like a big moment for us and because the energy exchange was so powerful. We can't wait for this year, especially with our friends Joshua Trinidad and Emmanual Luna joining us!

Do you like performing at festivals, how is it different from other shows? We love performing at festivals! Festivals really allow us to connect with people who may not have ever heard of us before, and it means so much when folks come say hi after our set or share what their experience was as we run into each other during the festival. It is also really exciting to see our digital fan base grow because they discovered us on a festival playlist. 

Festivals differ from shows, because there are usually teams of people working on booking talent, promotion and production. Usually as an independent punk band we need to take on all these roles in addition to performing, which can sometimes be a lot to juggle depending on the many unpredictable factors that can arise. Our goal with performing is to have fun and be present, which is why we enjoy playing festivals so much because we can show up and focus on the music and the moment.

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about: After our first debut album "Feminista Manifestó" releases August 2, we will have an album release party later in September with Pink Hawks! You can hear their horns section on our cover of "Identity" by X-Ray Spex and will also see them join us for a few songs live at the album release show. 

We are also working hard with our manager Amy Howard (they/them) from Baby Riot Management to organize some shows outside Colorado as well as a Southwest tour for us in the coming months! You can find all the details by keeping up with us on our social media or through our website. 


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Trevor Michael & The Mtn. Valley Collective

Seth Beamer
Photo: Seth Beamer

Band Lineup: 
Michael Davis (He, Him) - Violin, Vocals
Jo Asker (He, Him) - Bass
Leon Lala (He, Him) - Drums
Jake Riley (He, Him) - Mandolin, Vocals
Trevor Michael (He, Him) - Guitar, Vocals

Colorado Home: Denver

Formed: 2021

Latest Release: "Wild Tetons" (Single), July 10, 2024, Self-Released and Aquila & the Lion EP, September, 2023, Self-Released

Upcoming Shows:
UMS July 26-28
RMU Breckenridge August 2

Led by a father/son duo, The Mtn. Valley Collective was formed in 2021 by Trevor Michael, Michael Davis, Jo Asker and Leon Lala. Their songs feature a mix of Avett Brothers and Chris Stapleton vibes and are best described as campfire folk with a hint of bluegrass. Trevor Michael released his debut EP "Midsummer Eve" in 2020, leading to his decision to embrace music full-time. When not writing songs or plucking their instruments, these guys are enjoying every moment of camping, pickleball, fly-fishing, drinking great bourbon, and off grid backpacking.

Have you played UMS before? If so, how many times? No, we haven't had the chance to play UMS before. It's something I've always wanted to do, though. We've heard fantastic things about the festival.

Share a UMS memory whether it is from when you performed or just from attending? While we haven't had the chance to perform at or attend UMS yet, We've heard so many wonderful stories from friends and fellow musicians who have.

Do you like performing at festivals, how is it different from other shows? Absolutely, we love performing at festivals! Everyone is there to have a good time and discover new music. It’s a fantastic opportunity to reach new fans who might not come to a regular show. It’s a fast-paced experience with quick setups and tear-downs and you’re sharing the stage with a wide variety of artists, which creates a unique camaraderie and opportunity to connect with other musicians.

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about: Behind the scenes, we’ve also been working on several new releases as well as a series of music videos that will accompany the new song. Each video tells a different part of the story, and we’ve been having a lot of fun with the creative process.


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Velvet Daydream

Photo: Jasmine Rose

Band Lineup: Left-Right in the photo
Ryder King (he/him) Guitar, Vocals
Jude Pfanstiel (he/him) Bass, Vocals
Nick Schwartz (he/him) Drums, Vocals
Kaeden Keys (he/him) Guitar, Vocals

Colorado Home: Broomfield/Thornton

Formed: 2023

Latest Release: "Sunflower Sky" (Single), May 1st. 2024, Self-Released

Upcoming Shows:
UMS, July 26-28
Opening for Powerman 5000 at Wild Goose Saloon, on July 29

Velvet Daydream is a band from Denver known for bringing back the “classic rock show.” Chock-full of retro 70s-inspired style, Kaeden Keys (guitar, vocals), Ryder King (guitar, vocals), Jude Pfanstiel (bass, vocals), and Nick Schwartz (drums, vocals), are restoring a style of music that has been dwindling over the past 30 years: rock and roll. This vintage style of showmanship isn’t just for the stage, as it can be heard on their 2023 self-titled debut album The Velvet Daydream. The band partnered with experts in the art of recording, using holy grails of equipment once used on records from Foreigner, Julian Lennon and Dream Theater. Authentic to the bone, the band opted to record the album on 1/2 inch tape and preserve the old school rock and roll feeling. They are shooting for the big time, and with good reason.

Have you played UMS before? If so, how many times? We have never played UMS before.

Share a UMS memory whether it is from when you performed or just from attending? We have never attended UMS. We heard about it last year after it had already happened. We are extremely excited to be apart of it this year.

Do you like performing at festivals, how is it different from other shows? We love performing at festivals. They usually have lots of different acts on the bill, which lends itself to a sense of community backstage among the musicians. You will also find lots of people in the crowd who are in to various different types of music, and it is a thrill to try to connect with them when on stage.

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about: We are in the studio (by the time this is out we already would’ve been in the studio) from June 6 - June 9 to record new songs. 


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