Board of Directors Guiding Principles

1. The Colorado Public Radio (CPR) board structure and board membership will be designed to enhance and facilitate CPR’s ability to be a high-performing organization and carry out the vision and mission as articulated by the Board.

2. CPR’s governance structure will reflect and advance the following core values:

  • Inclusiveness and diversity.
  • Community connection and commitment to Coloradans.
  • Excellence in news and information programming and classical music programming.
  • Trusted source for news and information programming and classical music programming.
  • Responsive to listeners (excellent customer service).
  • Industry leader and innovator.
  • Excellent employer and commitment to employees.
  • Fiscal responsibility.
  • Producer of quality content.
  • Excellence in all aspects of CPR’s structure and work.
  • Function with maximum transparency.

3. The CPR Board of Directors primary focus will be on policy determination and interpretation and operational oversight.

Each member of the Board is responsible for understanding the Board’s governance, legal, and fiduciary responsibilities.  The Board as a whole is responsible for setting organizational direction and authority and then delegates management and the implementation of policy and CPR’s approved plan to the CPR President.  Board responsibilities include:

  • Articulating CPR’s mission and periodically reviewing and refining the mission.
  • Establishing clear organizational priorities and strategies together with management
  • Reviewing and agreeing on financial parameters for strategic choices and priorities, taking into account the ability of the Board and staff to raise funds for agreed-upon priorities.
  • Reviewing and approving an annual business plan and budget developed by staff and based on CPR strategic priorities.
  • Monitoring and assessing CPR’s impact in the communities it serves and its performance against strategic objectives.
  • Providing broad strategic guidance to management, working through the Board structure and process.
  • Selecting, supervising, and evaluating the performance of the CPR President.
  • Providing overall governance consistent with not-for-profit regulations, standards, and best practices; including annual performance evaluations of the President and of the Board of Directors, periodic assessment of CPR’s progress against objectives, regular review and approval of financial statements including the annual audit, and hiring the external auditor.

4. The CPR Board of Directors will function in a leadership role.

As part of its leadership role, the CPR Board as a committee of the whole will commit to board-level fundraising work that is necessary to increase CPR’s ability to serve its constituencies on the highest levels of public service.  Board members will be active and engaged participants, serve as resources to the staff, and be active in fundraising and development activities.

5. The CPR Board will be organized for maximum effectiveness, with a clear plan for continuity in leadership, culture, and values.

The Board’s committee structure will be clearly defined, its members appropriately competent and diverse, with rotating terms of office.

APPROVED by the Board November 16, 2007