Bridges Broadcast Center

After nearly twenty years operating in an outdated facility it had long since outgrown, in the summer of 2004, Colorado Public Radio moved into a 35,000 square-foot building, the Bridges Broadcast Center.

The building, located at 7409 S. Alton Court in the Denver Tech Center and valued at $2,750,000, was donated by Barbara Bridges and Rutt Bridges to provide a permanent home and significantly improved headquarters for the largest public radio organization in the state.

The donation of the building is the largest gift in CPR's history, and inspired the Board of Directors to launch a capital campaign to renovate the facility and move Colorado Public Radio's operations to the new headquarters. The Gates Family Foundation, The Kresge Foundation, The Boettcher Foundation and The Bonfils-Stanton Foundation together pledged nearly $1,100,000 to help complete the $5.25 million capital campaign. More than 700 individuals and business across the state participated in the campaign which reached its goal as of September 1, 2004.

Capital campaign funds have been used to partially renovate the building to meet Colorado Public Radio's special broadcast needs, with eight broadcast and production studios, a music library, and a news reference library. In addition, a state-of-the-art performance studio and broadcast suite were recently completed in 2005.

This building ensures the permanence of Colorado Public Radio in two important ways: it provides financial stability through the ownership of the building, and will allow CPR to improve the daily experience of listeners by enhancing the range and quality of programming. The dedicated performance studio and significantly expanded state-of-the-art recording technologies give CPR the tools it needs to create news and music programming of both immediate and lasting value.

Capital Campaign Committee

  • Tom Stokes, Board Chairman *
  • Rutt Bridges, Co-Chairman
  • Barry Curtiss-Lusher, Co-Chairman *
  • Buzz Victor, Co-Chairman
  • Fred Bender
  • Virginia Berkeley*
  • Barbara Bridges
  • Fred Brown*
  • Ren Cannon*
  • Simone Carlen
  • Leanna Clark*
  • Don Elliman*
  • Harley Higbie
  • Ruth Hopfenbeck
  • Frances Koncilja*
  • Marv Rockford*
  • Tom Rodriguez
  • Walter Rosenberry
  • Alan Schwartz*
  • Patti Shwayder*
  • Glen Sibley*
  • Paul Talmey
  • Dennis Trescott*

*Colorado Public Radio Board Member