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Ball Aerospace Webb Space Telescope

Images from Webb telescope highlight dancing galaxies and other cosmic marvels

Dancing galaxies and a dying double star are just some of the cosmic marvels spotted by the James Webb Space Telescope — whose optical system was built in Colorado by Ball Aerospace. NASA revealed its first images this week, providing a glimpse at the never-before-seen-universe. University of Denver astronomy professor Jennifer Hoffman helps us understand the unprecedented images.
Sandy and Lonnie Phillips Aurora Movie Theater Shooting

She’s on a mission to help survivors of mass shootings

Sandy Phillips sees the pain caused by mass shootings through a very personal lens.  Her own daughter Jessi was murdered, along with 11 others, at an Aurora movie theater in 2012.  Phillips and her husband have been on the road ever since, crisscrossing the country.

A total lunar eclipse will turn the moon ‘blood red’

A lunar eclipse will turn the full moon blood red, but it’s also the first in a series of interesting celestial phenomena that will happen in the next few months. Astronomer Doug Duncan of CU Boulder talks about the lunar eclipse, a parade of planets and three super moons people will enjoy watching later this summer.

Doctor shares personal journey overcoming chronic fatigue

Long-COVID may have something to teach us. Those lingering symptoms of muscle pain, brain fog, and exhaustion are familiar to people who haven’t had COVID — but who suffer from chronic fatigue– people who’re often told “it’s all in their heads.” Like Dr. Michael Gallagher, of Denver. He was a triathlete — contracted a common virus — seemed to get better — but wound up bedridden. Gallagher’s new book “Run Down” is out today. We spoke in December.

The symphony of sounds in nature

For hundreds of millions of years, nature was silent. No birds chirping, no insects buzzing. But then, things changed. That’s the subject of the new book, “Sounds Wild and Broken,” that follows the evolution of animal sounds. Biologist David George Haskell wrote much of it while living in Boulder.