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Shelley Schlender
  • Colorado’s South Platte River basin is a powerhouse for crops and cattle.  Massive reservoirs quench the region’s thirst, with farm fields generally first in line.  Wildlife?  It’s often last.
    The South Platte River near SterlingThe South Platte River near Sterling
  • Most Colorado cities and farms get water from snowmelt in the Rockies. That’s not the case in Northeastern Colorado. This food-producing powerhouse depends on an ancient, underground reservoir called the Ogallala. Ever since the Ice Ages, the Ogallala’s been slowly accumulating water.
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  • Every Saturday morning, Shirley Epstein puts on her walking shoes and heads to a tree-lined park to join dozens of friends, and her doctor, for a long walk. Epstein’s walk with her doc is taking place in Denver.
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