Los Mocochetes



Dazzle at the Arts Complex, 1080 14th Street, 80202

Event Description

Los Mocochetes is a Xicano/Funk band from the ancestral, occupied and unceded lands of the Tsis tsis'tas¹, Hinono'eiteen², Ka'igwu³, Weenuchiu⁴, Anasazi⁵, Newe⁶, Diné⁷, Ndee⁸, Inday⁸, and Dine'é⁸ (commonly referred to as Cheyenne¹, Arapahoe², Kiowa³, Ute⁴, Pueblo⁵, Shoshone⁶, Navajo⁷, Apache⁸) and other peoples now known as Denver, CO. With deep roots from the Mora Valley in northern Nuevo Mexico and to the south from Juarez, MX. By combining elements of cumbia, reggae, hip-hop, rock, funk, and more, Los Mocochetes composes music to unite the gente and create revolutionary music you can dance to.


$15 – $20

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Dazzle at The Arts Complex


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