Los Mocochetes


Thursday, January 13
9:00 PM


Dazzle @ Baurs, 1512 Curtis St, Denver, CO 80202

Event Description

Los Mocochetes are a Xicanx/Funk band from Denver, CO with deep roots from the Mora Valley in northern Nuevo Mexico and to the south from Juarez, MX (Xicanx: pron. “Chee-Cah-Nex). The word Mocochete is a term coined by the group to mean “mocosos con machetes”. In life, most mocosos develop physically to the point where they are strong enough to wield a tool or weapon, such as a machete. How you use that tool has lasting consequences and defines the mark you leave on the world with great potential for both creation and destruction. The mocos are here to use their machetes for good. Every performance draws on the elements, the directions, the ancestors. Each song is a prayer meant to move your feet, stir your spirit and to remind you of the incredible power you have to heal yourself and the 7 generations to come. Los Mocochetes create revolutionary music you can dance to, with heartfelt intention to move us all forward, together, as one.

Joshua Randy Abeyta: Guitar, Trumpet, Bass, Percussion

Diego Florez: Percussion, Guitar

Elias Garcia: Guitar

Jozer Guerrero: Vox, Percussion

Eli Montoya: Bass, Percussion, Guitar

Jon Rubio: Drums, Vox

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