Employment Opportunities

  • The CPR Daily Production Manager works with program managers, helping to curate on air production. The Daily Production Manager oversees the management of daily underwriting content across all services. This position requires strategic thinking and planning, collaborating with staff across all CPR services, audio production, writing and all aspects of continuity.
  • This position produces interviews and occasional radio features to be showcased on Colorado Matters and on digital and social media platforms, with a heavy emphasis on public affairs and politics, including interviews with politicians, candidates and subject matter experts.
  • A member of the Membership Communications team, the Coordinator assists Fundraising Communications Manager by coordinating and executing multi-channel fundraising and engagement.
  • This is foremost a digital editor position. The Classical Editor has an established, successful track record in written and visual storytelling and editing web copy, with the primary goal of deeply engaging current audiences and developing new and diverse audiences for CPR Classical.
  • The Marketing Coordinator/Copywriter will conceive, create, and improve organizational content of all shapes and sizes to help raise visibility for the organization and align messaging across all channels. The coordinator supports all members of the Marketing & Engagement team through management of various day-to-day activities.
  • The CPR Arts and Culture reporter covers the news, impact and trends in the state spurred by arts, culture, entertainment and related activities. The reporter files for news magazines, newscasts, CPR.org, and other CPR News programming.
  • The CPR Classical Fellowship is a year-long paid training in every aspect of public radio production, including audio and visual content for both radio and web. The fellow will learn to write, speak and edit for radio, and gain knowledge in best practices for engaging new classical audiences on social media.
  • The News Production Broadcast and Sound Engineer is responsible for providing technical support for CPR News and ensures that all audio produced by the newsroom meets Colorado Public Radio standards and deadlines.
  • Colorado Public Radio’s expansion continues with the creation of the Audio Innovations Studio which develops podcasts, documentaries and new audio experiences across all of CPR’s services, to reach existing and new audiences on broadcast and digital.

Colorado Public Radio is an equal opportunity employer.