Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has sharply criticized Colorado's decision to legalize marijuana and called it a terrible idea.

Bloomberg said at a meeting at the Aspen Institute on Friday that marijuana is hurting the developing minds of children. He admitted to smoking a joint in the 1960s, but he said the drug is stronger, more accessible and more damaging today.

He says using marijuana could reduce the IQ of students and he said it's different than using alcohol.

Meanwhile, senior Vermont law enforcement officials and others are planning a fact-finding trip toColorado this coming week to look at that state's experience with marijuana legalization.

Public Safety Commissioner Keith Flynn, Chitttenden County State's Attorney T.J. Donovan and one pro-legalization lobbyist will be among those traveling to the Rocky Mountains.

The nine-member delegation, which also will include the Rutland County sheriff, Bennington's police chief and an assistant U.S. attorney, plans to meet with a range of people in Colorado to talk about that state's experience with legalization.

The list includes law enforcement officials, members of the Colorado governor's staff, school personnel and the U.S. attorney in Denver. They'll also tour a marijuana growing operation and a store selling marijuana products.

Amendment 64 was approved by Colorado voters in 2012 and allows recreational marijuana for adults over 21. In 2000, 54 percent of Colorado voters approved Amendment 20, which amended Colorado's state constitution to allow the medical use of marijuana.