When Eden Lane received a script for Paul Lucas' play, "Trans Scripts Part I: The Women" in the mail, she thought it was to provide background material for a story the journalist was working on. A short time later, though, she was told that while a story would be nice, the reason she got the script was because Lucas wanted her to read for a part.

On opening night last Thursday, Lane was indeed on stage at the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge, Mass., playing the part of Sandra, one of seven characters portrayed in the production. "Trans Scripts Part I: The Women" is the story of the experiences of those in the transgender community; it is said to be the first major American theater production featuring an all-transgender cast with a script completely written by transgender people.

Eden Lane (in blue) during rehearsals for "Trans Scripts Part I: The Women."

(Gretjen Helene/American Repertory Theater)

Making history isn't anything new for Lane. The host of "In Focus with Eden Lane," and a frequent contributor to local television news broadcasts, she is recognized as the first transgender journalist on mainstream television. 

Lane said the differences between being on camera as a journalist and performing on stage as an actress are like night and day.

"When you're reporting on camera, you have a specific job to do and it's about the subject, the person you're interviewing, the topic," she said. "But as an actress, you're required to bring something of yourself to it as well, and that's not something you do as a journalist, you're trying to find a way to remove yourself from the story as much as possible."

Lane spoke with Colorado Matters host Nathan Heffel.