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Photo: Flickr/tylerkron

Hiring more adjunct faculty has helped schools like Colorado State University save money. And this is a trend in higher education. But these adjunct -- or non-tenure-track -- instructors argue that the savings come at their expense. They say adjuncts, who make up more than a third of the faculty at CSU, are treated unfairly. In September, CSU President Tony Frank highlighted the issue -- and made a  promise.

 “We have ambitious goals for our academic programs at this university and it is my belief that we will not attain them without the full engagement of our adjunct faculty," he said. "My challenge to Provost [Rick] Miranda and the faculty council leadership is to take our focus on adjunct faculty to the next level. To make more improvements in pay, benefits, to job security, in advancement, and in a voice in the life of the university.”

Ryan Warner speaks with CSU President Frank to see what kind of progress CSU has made.

Watch President Frank's fall address here.