Left to right: Timesha Sumpter as "Denise," Collette Brown as Rena, Shaleec Thomas as "Leticia" and Dr. Yvonne Henderson as "Louise" in SOURCE Theatre Company's "A Good Child Too Soon."

(Courtesy SOURCE Theatre Company)

Four generations of teen moms are the center of the new play "A Good Child Too Soon." It comes from Denver's SOURCE Theater Company and runs through June 3 at Su Teatro Cultural and Performing Arts Center.

The play is based on the 1991 book "Before Their Time" by Joelle Sanders. Told primarily through the eyes of Leticia, it explores a multi-generational African-American family in Harlem and how having children as teenagers shaped the women's lives and their relationships with each other.

SOURCE Theatre Company's Jimmy Walker and Hugo Jon Sayles.

(Stephanie Wolf/CPR News)

Jimmy Walker is the playwright and Hugo Jon Sayles directs. They spoke with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner.