There was much fanfare around the reunion of Hollywood stars Robert Redford and Jane Fonda in Netflix's 2017 release "Our Souls at Night." The pair hadn't made a movie together since "The Electric Horseman" in 1979.

"Our Souls At Night," based on a novel of the same title by the late Colorado author Kent Haruf, is about a widow and widower who are neighbors and strike up an unusual relationship that gets the whole town gossiping. It was filmed in the town of Florence in southern Colorado.

Donald Zuckerman, commissioner of Colorado's Office of Film, Television and Media, tells Colorado Matters the movie was a big deal for the state's film industry and he's hopeful it will attract more big-name filmmakers and generate some tourism, as visitors come to the state to see the scenery captured in the film. 

"Our Souls at Night" received $1.5 million from the state's film incentive program, which works kind of like a rebate for companies that spend a certain amount of money, and hire a certain number of local workers, while filming or producing projects in Colorado. The program's budget was slashed this fiscal year from $3 million to $750,000. Early next year, state lawmakers will decide how much to put aside for the incentives program in 2018.

Two other projects filmed in Colorado are on the horizon: Horror film "Hoax" was shot in Lake City, Colorado. It's about a camping trip gone wrong. Zuckerman says it's finished and should be released next year.  "Amateur," from Netflix, follows a talented young basketball player. It was shot in Denver and is expected to be out early in 2018.

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Directed by Alexandre O. Philippe. It showed at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

Directed by Greg Campbell of Fort Collins. Received more than $47,000 from Colorado's film incentives program.

Bravo TV's "Top Chef" filmed in Denver, Boulder, Aspen and Telluride.

Actors Max Decker (left), Hutch Dano (center) and Cheryl Texiera (right) go over scripts on the set of "Hoax" in Lake City, Colorado.

(Courtesy Craig Palmer / From The High Country)