Google's Valentine's Day search homepage featuring "This American Life" love stories.

(Photo: Courtesy of Google)

Google’s Valentine’s Day Doodle features Ira Glass and love stories put together by "This American Life" over the years. Click on the candy “conversation hearts” - aptly named - and you'll hear a variety of love stories, including a high school crush, doubts in a marriage, and romance at a middle school dance.

When you first click on a heart, you hear Glass say,  “As people everywhere search for love, something a search engine might not be the ideal tool for, each of the candy hearts brings you a true story of love. These are real people.”

This collaboration got started when Glass visited the team that produces Google Doodles a few months ago, according to Jennifer Hom, who led the project at Google. They talked about sharing love stories and the artists at Google began developing simple animations because, according to Hom, “we didn’t want to overshadow the audio.”

Learn more about the project in this video showing how they made the Doodle:

Google artist explains how the "This American Life" Valentine's Day Doodle came about.