In case the unprecedented campaign or the stunning victory three weeks ago weren't indication enough, the administration of President-elect Donald Trump will vigorously shake things up in Washington, D.C., says the co-chairman of his Colorado campaign.

"It will be the most shocking one to three years that America has seen in generations," said Robert Blaha of Colorado Springs. According to Blaha, in keeping with his rejection of traditional politics, Trump will bring a more business-oriented approach to the White House, quickly jettisoning those who aren't successful in their roles.

Also, Blaha says Colorado will have a bigger voice on the national stage under Trump. 

Robert Blaha, co-chairman of Donald Trump's Colorado campaign.

(Courtesy Robert Blaha)

One potential drawback in Trump's plans for the state -- Gov. John Hickenlooper has said Colorado will continue to chart its own course in areas like immigration, energy policy and health care.

Blaha spoke with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner.