Marlon Williams released the new album "Make Way For Love" in February. Despite its name and release date around Valentine's Day, the New Zealander's sophomore album is a melancholy collection of songs about heartbreak and his recent breakup. Williams delivers his folk-rock songs in a soulful baritone that's made him a favorite on the American festival circuit.

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Williams and his band stopped into the CPR Performance Studio before a show at eTown Hall in Boulder. He played four songs from "Make Way For Love" and spoke with Jeremy Petersen about singing in choir as a high school student, growing up listening to country music and his love for NBA basketball. 

Stream the session and watch Marlon Williams perform "What's Chasing You" above. Watch more videos on our YouTube page.

Songs performed:

  • "I Know A Jeweller"
  • "What's Chasing You"
  • "Nobody Gets What They Want Anymore"
  • "Make Way for Love"