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Anthony Ruptak Plays A Stripped-Down Set At CPR’s OpenAir

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Photo: Anthony Ruptak at CPR's OpenAir
Anthony Ruptak

Anthony Ruptak has been a regular visitor to the CPR Performance Studio. The Denver folk singer-songwriter has twice played with his backing band The Midnight Friends at CPR's OpenAir. We also filmed a concert with Ruptak at the Walnut Room in Denver last year.

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This time around Ruptak performed backed only by his brother Matt on percussion. His new EP "Don't Let It Kill You" is out later this year. Ruptak played some music from the forthcoming record and spoke with Alicia Bruce Mitchell about playing most of the instruments on the EP, headlining a recent benefit for the American Civil Liberties Union and his high hopes for 2017.

Stream the session above. Interview highlights:

Anthony Ruptak on how 'Don't Let It Kill You' is different than his previous records:

"The other CDs I feel like were kind of a mishmash of what I thought my best songs were over the writing course of a year. This one, all the songs were recorded within two months of each other. ... I think that's why this one is special. It's a flow. All the things connect."

On playing a benefit show for the ACLU:

"I plan on being more active than I've ever been in that realm of things. Because it's an important time to do that. ... I want to do everything I can do to help my neighbors and my friends."

Songs performed:

  • "Vulture & Dove"
  • "Follow The Leader"
  • "I'll Go Where You Go"
  • "Eulogy ii"