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Bayonne Plays Music From New Album ‘Drastic Measures’

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<p>CPR/Hart Van Denburg</p>
Photo: Bayonne at OpenAir

Roger Sellers has made electronic music for several years, first under his own name and currently as Bayonne. The Austin, Texas, musician released his sophomore Bayonne album, "Drastic Measures," earlier this year. The record finds Sellers singing about life on the road as a touring musician while adding pop-inspired choruses into his loop-based music.

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Bayonne stopped into the CPR Performance Studio before a show at Denver's Lost Lake. Sellers played four songs from "Drastic Measures" with drummer Ryan Heath and spoke with Alisha Sweeney about his love for musical repetition, his upcoming summer music festival gigs and creating his own hot sauce brand.

Stream the session above.

Songs performed:

  • "Uncertainly Deranged"
  • "QA"
  • "Drastic Measures"
  • "Abilia"