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Bison Bone Shares Music From Debut LP At CPR’s OpenAir

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<p>(Photo: CPR / Daniel Mescher)</p>
<p>Bison Bone</p>

The story of Bison Bone begins in Oklahoma, where singer and guitarist Courtney Whitehead launched his music career playing at barnyard parties. Eventually Whitehead made his way to Denver, where he recruited singer Brianna Straut after watching her perform a Gillian Welch song at 3 Kings Tavern.

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Bison Bone recently released its debut album, "History Of Falling." The country-rock band stopped in for a studio session just before its release. The quintet performed four songs from the album and spoke with Jeremy Petersen about the band's origin, recording the album mostly live and the influence of artists like Woody Guthrie and JJ Cale.

Check out Bison Bone's interview with CPR News for more on "History Of Falling."

Stream the session and watch Bison Bone perform "Anymore" above.

Songs performed:

  • "Here I Stand"
  • "Anymore"
  • "Can't Go Back"
  • "Out In The Fields"