Bison Bone

(Courtesy of Scott McCormick)

You might think of Nashville, not Denver, as a hotspot for country music. But bands like Bison Bone are here to change that. The quintet has roots in Oklahoma and Texas but they’re based in the Mile High City. 

Bison Bone today releases its debut album, "History Of Falling." Recorded almost completely live in the studio, the record blends southern country with psychedelic and garage rock into a genre that singer and founder Courtney Whitehead dubs "cosmic country."

Whitehead joined host Nathan Heffel to talk about his early days as a musician playing barnyard parties, the transition from the South to Colorado, and more.

Bison Bone performs an album release show Saturday at Denver's Hi-Dive.

'History Of Falling' by Bison Bone

(Bison Bone)