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What happens when you love someone but you can’t stand something they believe? The Wedge is a six-part podcast that takes us on the journey of a mother and daughter who believe different things about the Covid-19 vaccine and the pandemic.

Growing up in Boulder, Colo., Erica Anderson was immersed in her mom’s holistic wellness and alternative healing culture. But when Covid comes along, mother and daughter’s differing beliefs drive a wedge between them.

Erica asks her mom to talk through their differences. Together they set out to stop arguing and start listening. They spend an eventful year immersed in difficult, cross-country conversations.

Kini, a retired pie maker, isolated on a tiny Hawaiian island; Erica, a journalist, stuck in a one-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn, New York. They learn that what drives us apart can create an opening.

The Wedge is created and produced by Spaceship Media: Journalism to Bridge Divides, and distributed by Colorado Public Radio. First episode drops Nov. 11. Follow The Wedge on your favorite podcast app.