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Elephant Revival Returns To OpenAir On The Eve Of Red Rocks Show

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<p>(Photo: CPR / Daniel Mescher)</p>
<p>Elephant Revival</p>

Elephant Revival last joined us at OpenAir in 2014 as they were preparing for a Red Rocks Amphitheatre show opening for Devotchka. The band will perform at the famous Colorado venue again on May 22, but this time around, they will be the headliners.

The Nederland-based quintet just released its latest album, "Petals," which the band recorded in part at eTown Music Hall in Boulder.

Last month the band performed four songs from the new album at OpenAir and spoke with us about the exciting visual elements of their live show, the time cellist Bonnie Paine's bow exploded on stage and the forthcoming music videos the band filmed in Colorado.

Stream the full session above. Read interview highlights and watch video below.

Guitarist Daniel Rodriguez on the plans for Elephant Revival's first headlining show at Red Rocks:

"There will be a giant dreamcatcher. Acrobats will be doing acrobatics upon this suspended giant dreamcatcher.

"Luckily we have some really great friends in Boulder from the Fractal Tribe who like our music, gathering visions off the songs and collaborate on the visions with us."

Cellist Bonnie Paine on a recent show where the hairs on her cello bow 'exploded':

"We have a more raucous song called 'When I Fall.' It's very percussive, the cello part on that. I went to play it and I looked down and realized I was playing with just a stick. ... It was shredded."

Songs performed:

  • "Home In Your Heart"
  • "Hello You Who"
  • "Peace Tonight"
  • "Petals"

"Hello You Who"

"Peace Tonight"