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Hoots & Hellmouth Changes Musical Lanes On New Album

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<p>(Photo: CPR / Daniel Mescher)</p>
<p>Hoots & Hellmouth</p>

Sean Hoots founded Hoots & Hellmouth in 2005, originally as a folk duo. The group soon expanded to a four-piece that blends rock, country and gospel music. They're known for a compelling live show in which they stomp on bass drums and play a variety of acoustic instruments.

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The Philadelphia-based band this month will release the album "In The Trees Where I Can See The Forest," its first LP in five years. Hoots says the album moves toward an R&B sound and incorporates more electric instruments.

Hoots & Hellmouth played four songs from the new album and spoke with Jeremy Petersen about the constant evolution of their sound, the music video for the single "Diction" and self-releasing their music.

Stream the session and watch Hoots & Hellmouth perform "Diction" above. Read interview highlights below.

Singer Sean Hoots on the band's evolving sound:

"As we've released records ... each one has definitely explored new areas musically, genre-wise. We've never really attempted to stay in any lane. This new record is just another lane for us."

Hoots on self-releasing "In The Trees":

"It's a little more work for sure, getting things in order and everything. But nice to be in more control of a lot of the words that are put out there and the way we present ourselves."

Songs performed:

  • "Delicate Skeleton"
  • "Golden Coast"
  • "In Effigy"
  • "Diction"