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Indie 102.3 Live Sessions with Hermanos Gutiérrez

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24min 52sec

The brotherly duo make up Hermanos Gutiérrez and have been playing guitar together since childhood, influenced by their Ecuadorian heritage. Getting back to those roots they reflect on family and tradition on their 2022 critically acclaimed fifth studio album "El Bueno Y El Mano", freshly signed to Easy Eye Sound Records. We welcome them to perform a few songs stripped down off the album for the first time in the Indie Lounge and an interview with Host Bruce Trujillo.

Songs performed:

  • "Thunderbird"
  • "Pueblo Man"
  • "El Bueno Y El Man"


Host: Bruce Trujillo

Producer: Will Carlan

Digital Producer: Demi Harvey

Audio Engineer: Justin Peacock

Videographer: Irvin Coffee