Bruce Trujillo

Bruce Trujillo was a host with Indie 102.3 and OpenAir from 2016-2023.

Especial Blog: November 2021

Manuel Aragon gives updates on the Northside all the time, specifically on sunrises and sunsets, and it is the content I am here for. In actuality, Miguel is a major community player and leader, who works with and supports Denver youth and beyond.

Especial Blog: August and September 2021

Mia makes us look good. I mean “us” as in Indie 102.3. Mia is our graphic designer, and I absolutely love everything she touches (Mia please just design my life). She’s also all chingona – and relatively new to our community.

Especial Blog: April 2021

Piercings have long been a part of the history of the peoples in the lands now known as the Americas. Now, it’s an ancestral link, connection and form of healing. Jimmy Maldonado is dedicated to connecting with and healing ancestors, not only through his work but also through danzante and more.