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Indie 102.3 Live Sessions with IDLES

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Rock band IDLES have never shied away from the hard topics and that's no different on their 2021 album CRAWLER. The album mostly covers topics on addiction and recovery, working through heartache and struggle and overcoming. Despite the heavy subject manner the musicality remains high-energy barreling through 14 hard-hitting tracks. Vocalist Joe Talbot explains how they created the album during the pandemic with bridging the gap between their core audience and a new potential audience, experimenting with sound and story telling the band hadn't ventured into before. Watch a three song set in our performance studio as well as an intimate chat with Host Alisha Sweeney.

Songs performed:

  • "MTT 420 RR
  • "Meds"
  • "Crawl!"


Host and Producer: Alisha Sweeney

Audio Engineer: Justin Peacock

Videography: Irvin Coffee