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Indie 102.3 Live Sessions with Metric

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26min 11sec

After three years of no touring, Metric is back on the road promoting their latest album Formentera. With advice from their label, the band also waited to put out the record in 2020 stating the pandemic. The themes of the album aren't all heavy and pandemic related, but it's a "coming to terms" album says lead singer Emily Haines. There are moments on the album that make you want to hold loved ones close and reflect on the world and everything that matters most to the listener. Watch as Host Will Carlan brings up old memories for the band and explores the thoughts behind the latest album. Special stripped down performances of tracks from Formentera and their very first album Fantasies.

Songs performed:

  • "Dark Saturday"
  • "All Comes Crashing"
  • "Twilight Galaxy"


Host: Will Carlan

Producer and Digital Editor: Demi Harvey

Mixer: Justin Peacock

Audio Engineers: Pedro Lumbrano and Josh Rodriguez

Videography: Irvin Coffee