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Inner Oceans Returns To OpenAir And Announces Plan For Debut Album

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<p>(Photo: CPR / Daniel Mescher)</p>
<p>Inner Oceans</p>

Inner Oceans has had a steady rise since forming three years ago. The Denver experimental pop group received the "Best New Artist" of 2014 award from Westword and performed on the Underground Music Showcase main stage in Denver last July.

The band has released only a few singles, but plans to release a debut album, "I Don't Mind," on Sept. 16. It will feature material they wrote and recorded during a month of seclusion in a studio outside Bailey.

Inner Oceans returned to the CPR Performance Studio to play three synth-driven songs and spoke with OpenAir's Jeremy Petersen about how the band has developed its sound over the years and the details of their anticipated debut album.

Watch Inner Oceans perform "WILD" and stream the session above. See more videos and read interview highlights below.

Frontman Griff Snyder on the band's development

"We spent the last two years recording, writing, going up to a cabin, little mini-tours, just trying to find really what we wanted this project to be.

"It's been a long time, and we got eight songs that we're excited to put out."

Multi-instrumentalist Charlie Kern on discovering one of the band's signature sounds while recording in a cabin

"It was around 4 a.m., and we hear this haunting, grumbling sound emanating from something, just coming through the speakers. We had no idea what it was.

"Within a matter of minutes, we were crawling on our hands and knees, sneaking up on Julia's bass amp which had somehow transformed into a portal that seemed like really dark spirits were trying to escape out of. ... We promptly recorded that and called that our 'ghost.'"

Songs performed:

  • "WILD"
  • "Call Through The Wire"
  • "8 Cousins"

"Call Through The Wire"

"8 Cousins"