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Instant Empire Shares Music From ‘Cathedrals’ LP

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<p>CPR/Hart Van Denburg</p>
<p>Instant Empire</p>

Instant Empire took a unique approach to putting out new music last year. The Denver indie rock band wrote, recorded and released one new song each month of 2018. Now, the band members have compiled those tracks into the new album "Cathedrals."

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Instant Empire made its fourth visit to the CPR Performance Studio last month. The band members played four songs and spoke with Jeremy Petersen about the rationale behind their strategy last year, the challenges of writing to meet a deadline and how their lyrics became more personal.

Stream the session above.

Songs performed:

  • "Impossibly Perfect"
  • "Lodgepole Pines"
  • "Don't Worry Emily"
  • "Black Moon"