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IZCALLi Returns To CPR’s OpenAir With New Album ‘IV’

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<p>(Photo: CPR / Bruce Mitchell)</p>

Since playing a session in our studio last year, iZCALLi wrote and recorded its fourth album. The Denver rock band released "IV" last week with a show at the Bluebird Theater. The self-produced record finds the band expanding from a trio to a quintet and continuing to blend English and Spanish lyrics with Latin and psychedelic music.

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iZCALLi played three songs from the new album in the CPR Performance Studio. The band members also spoke with Alisha Sweeney about adding strings and horns to their sound, integrating Latin rock into Denver's music scene, and their experience as U.S. immigrants over the past year.

Stream the session and watch iZCALLi perform "I Don't" above. See more videos on our YouTube channel.

Songs performed:

  • "Quita De Mas"
  • "I Don't"
  • "Don't Belong To You"