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Joe Sampson Performs With Esmé Patterson And Friends At CPR’s OpenAir

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Photo: Esme Patterson And Joe Sampson At CPR's OpenAir
Esmé Patterson and Joe Sampson

Joe Sampson has been a mainstay in the Denver music scene for years. He's played in bands like Bad Weather California and Wentworth Kersey and also releases acoustic folk music under his own name. His latest release is last year's "Chansons De Parade" album.

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Sampson stopped by the CPR Performance Studio with a few backing musicians -- including singer-songwriter Esmé Patterson on vocals. He performed four songs and spoke with Jeremy Petersen about his various musical projects over the years, writing short songs and a memorable review from an Italian blog.

Stream the session above.

​Songs performed:

  • "Wasn't Wasn't"
  • "Gown"
  • "Finally"
  • "Adore"