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Joel Ansett Strips Down Songs From New Album For Live Performance

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26min 25sec

Denver folk-pop singer Joel Ansett talks breaking out of his comfort zone and being inspired by the indie folk bands of the Northwest on the new album A Place I Knew Before. Ansett dives deep into the backstory on emotional single "Through" and its connection to the 2014 film Boyhood. "I have no idea what this person has survived and their heartache," Ansett said. "That film gifted me empathy."

Take a listen to the full interview with Alisha Sweeney above.

Songs performed:

  • "Cadillac"
  • "Through"
  • "Sugarcoat"
  • "Dwelling Place"


Producers: Alicia Trujillo Host: Alisha Sweeney Audio Engineer: Justin Peacock Videography: Irvin Coffee Social Media: Demi Harvey