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Jux County Visits CPR’s OpenAir To Play Music From First LP In 15 Years

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<p>(Photo: CPR / Daniel Mescher)</p>
<p>Jux County</p>

Jux County has a long history in Denver: Frontman Andy Monley formed the country-punk band in 1986. Since then the band opened for acts like Nirvana, X and The Dandy Warhols while establishing itself as a longstanding force in the Colorado music scene.

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Jux County's current lineup -- a trio rounded out by bassist Chris Pearson and drummer Ron Smith -- has played together since 1992. The band last year released "Coral," its first new full-length in 15 years.

We welcomed the band into the CPR Performance Studio to play some new music from "Coral." The members spoke with Alisha Sweeney about the decision to make an album after more than a decade, the band's long history in Denver and some notable tour stories throughout the years.

Stream the session and watch Jux County perform "Coral" above.

Read interview highlights and watch more video below.

Drummer Ron Smith on how the band managed to stick together for decades:

"We're a dictatorship and the music is the dictator. And I also think we have an incredible lack of egos. ... We get along well, we have a lot of fun and we keep things in perspective."

Bassist Chris Pearson on the band's future:

"We're getting old. I doubt we would try to pursue doing a lot of tours and signing to a record label now when we can self-release them. ... There's no stress when the band is just doing it for fun."

Songs performed:

  • "Coral"
  • "Luh Luh Luv"
  • "Totem"
  • "Shadows In 3D"

"Luh Luh Luv"