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Kayla Marque Returns To CPR’s OpenAir With Music From ‘Live & Die Like This’

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Photo: Kayla Marque at CPR's OpenAir
Kayla Marque

Kayla Marque introduced us to her blend of folk, soul and hip-hop in late 2015 with a session in the CPR Performance Studio. Since then the Denver singer-songwriter has released her debut album, "Live & Die Like This." She also formed a backing band and played some notable Colorado shows, including this year's Westword Music Showcase.

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Kayla Marque and her band returned to our studio before a pair of Colorado gigs. She played three songs and spoke with Bruce Mitchell about her musical growth since her last visit, working on her next album and playing a fundraiser show for the local domestic violence shelter SafeHouse Denver.

Stream the session above.

Songs performed:

  • "Thorns"
  • "Summer For Days"
  • "Live & Die Like This"