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Kerstan Wallace Plays Rare Live Set At CPR’s OpenAir

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Photo: Kerstan Wallace at CPR's OpenAir
Kerstan Wallace

Kerstan Wallace has made music for years, both under his own name and as Human Milk. But the Denver singer-songwriter had never shared the songs from his debut LP "Head Bender" with a live audience until he stopped by the CPR Performance Studio last month. That record features upbeat experimental pop that compelled us to include him on our latest Colorado Music Sampler.

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Kerstan Wallace played three songs from "Head Bender" in our studio. He also spoke with Alisha Sweeney about balancing his work as a geologist with his music career, spending as many as 50 hours writing one song and combining his music with video art.

Stream the session above.

Songs performed:

  • "Head Bender"
  • "How Do You Do?"
  • "So Strange"